iCommunicate Enhances CrystalTech

Web hosting company gives its customers �an edge over the competition� with iCommunicate


ALEXANDRIA, VA, Nov. 1, 2000  iCommunicate, provider of the premier online customer service suite offered as a subscription service, has been selected by CrystalTech Web Hosting, Inc. to deliver Internet-based end user support. CrystalTech chose iCommunicate because it is both Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer friendly and because it is completely accessible via a browser. I am a developer,said Tim Uzzanti, CrystalTech Co-CEO, and from this perspective, I was extremely impressed with the user interface and features that were available with iCommunicate. By opting to use iCommunicate, CrystalTech heightens its emphasis on providing a wide range of support options. CrystalTech is unique in that the company does not use a help desk staff; all support is done by Network Administrators. Customers have contact with the people who build servers, upgrade software on the servers, fix any server side problems, and back up the CrystalTech network. Using iCommunicate and their in-house Network Administrator team, CrystalTech can resolve problems much quicker than competitors, saving time and money. Although 80% of our customers are small businesses, they need to supply the same support functions as larger companies do, said Uzzanti. Using iCommunicates blend of live chat, knowledge base features, and case management, we know we are giving our customers regardless of the size of their business an edge over the competition. In todays market, the level of online customer service that companies provide is a true differentiator. iCommunicate is a perfect fit for CrystalTech; we provide the company with the tools to exceed customer service expectations while delivering lowered operating costs, said Louis Ravenet, CEO, iCommunicate. This enables CrystalTech to focus on its area of expertise: devoting all of its time and energies to web hosting.

About iCommunicate iCommunicate.NET is the only complete online customer service suite delivered in an ASP environment. iCommunicate.NET fosters intimate understanding of customers with a sophisticated knowledge base and detailed tracking of all communications, from service requests and phone conversations to email and online chat. iCommunicates personalized service and support solutions measurably increase revenue and strengthen customer loyalty while easily integrating with existing technology. iCommunicate is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. Try iCommunicate.NET by visiting www.icommunicate.net, by contacting info@icommunicate.net, or by calling 888.484.4401.

About CrystalTech CrystalTech is a debt-free, privately owned corporation, dedicated to helping businesses increase their presence online through scalable web hosting and e-commerce solutions. Founded in September 1992, CrystalTech has grown from a 2 person operation to a corporation supporting THOUSANDS of business and individuals in over 50 countries. We serve individuals, small businesses, and fortune 100 corporations. With a growth rate of 15% per month, we will continue to grow and become a leader in Web hosting and Internet commerce. With low prices, multiple account features, and incentives for resellers and referrals CrystalTech can offer you the tools and support to help your business succeed with us in the future.