Hypnosis For Self Confidence & Self Esteem

I have a story about a friend of mine that I’d like to share. I think it’s a true testament to the power of hypnosis, but I’ll let you decide.

We’ve been friends since we were kids, and I’ve always known him to be somewhat shy and reserved. He was still the type that would get sick to his stomach when asking a girl out. He’d stay at home and watch tv, while the rest of us were out partying and having fun. (Read our article on Alleviating nervousness here.)

My friend suffered

Later in life, we’d get together for a beer, and he’d tell me about how his boss & co-workers pushed him around, and he would “take it” and go on. It bothered me to know how other people were jerking him around, just because they knew they could, and because he would let them.

Hypnosis For Self Confidence & Self Esteem

My friend, by the way, knows I’m writing this about him, and he approves, provided it benefits others with similar problems.

He knows that I’ve been involved with hypnosis for quite a while now, and has shown “some” interest in getting some help for his self-confidence and self-esteem in the past. I’ve never pushed anything on him because I think that hypnosis is something that a person should “want” to do. He finally broke down one evening and asked me if I’d help him.

His marriage life suffered too

He said he was sick and tired of being pushed around (he’s the type that would pay full price for a car because he was worried about asking for a better price!). Without going into great detail, he told me his marriage was suffering much because of his low confidence and low self-esteem, and he was afraid he was going to lose his wife and the daughter he cherishes so much. I knew I had to try and help somehow!

I don’t like to hypnotize people that I know…, family/friends, etc., because I don’t believe hypnosis is nearly as effective when you are that close to someone. But considering the problems he was facing and his outlook on life at the time, I agreed to a session with him as long as he decided to listen to these CDs.

A relatively brief session is helpful in many cases. Still, for positive, lasting results, I believe that you need to be practicing self-hypnosis every day (at least for a good solid month anyway).

He became better!

So my friend has been listening to these CD’s at least once a day for the last three weeks, and he called me this past week to let me know how much things have changed! He said he thinks his relationship with his wife has been stronger than it’s ever been.

He asked for “and received” a nice little raise at work, and he sent a steak back at a restaurant the other night because it wasn’t cooked the way he’d asked for it to be prepared. (I know that sounds trivial…but this is something he would never have done before!) He and I both are anxious to see where things stand over the next few weeks.

I get pumped and excited when people benefit from hypnosis (especially a good friend)! I do! There are so many aspects of your life that you can change to a positive if you only take the first step! Do your research on hypnosis & self-hypnosis, and I think you’ll see just how remarkably beneficial it can be. I hope you’ll revisit our site soon, and I hope you’ll tell a friend about us. Here you will find more testimonials for these CDs.