How to treat back pain

People experience the discomfort of back pains some time in their lives. Either back pain is caused after a sudden accident or injury or it is the result of poor posture or sometimes, it is caused by the lack of exercise.But whatever the cause is, it is best to know how back pain is treated and how to prevent back pain from happening all over again.

Doctors are consulted whenever a person feels any pain on his back. But for others who don’t have the luxury of time or the finances to go to a doctor, they can cure back pain themselves.

Back Pain

Method One:

First method of remedy is through the application of heat or ice on one’s back by applying ice pack. The person with the pain could apply the pressure on his back for at least ten minutes every two hours for the first two days. To prevent one from getting frostbite, it is highly recommended that there must be a layer of cloth between the ice pack and the skin. As for the application of heat, the person suffering from the pain can take a hot shower or apply a hot towel on the affected area. The person can apply the pressure on his skin for at least fifteen to twenty minutes.

Method Two:

For others who want a soothing relaxation technique, massage does offer quality treatment. It frees the back from the pain. There are classes or books on what the proper technique of a massage is.

Method Three:

There are also medications to relieve one of the pain. Medicines such as aspirins bought in pharmacies and drug stores can help sufferers be freed from the trouble. But just be wary as one needs to consult a doctor first before undergoing any kind of medication.

On the other hand, in order for back pain not to recur again, the following activities are suggested.

  1. Exercise and rest are two of the most essential and inexpensive activities that can help curb back pains. The cause of a back pain is sometimes strained muscles and in order for these muscles to be straightened out, they need to be exercised. After undergoing a therapeutic massage or a heat and cold remedy, the person suffering from back pain needs to stretch those muscles. As for taking a rest, one needs to lie down comfortably on a bed on his back with his knees bent up. It is not advisable to lie down on his stomach or with his legs straightened out.
  2. Recreational activities such as running, swimming and walking on water may also help one relieve the pain on his back. Make sure that the activities that one is involved in are not as strenuous. Therefore, sports such are bowling, basketball, tennis and golf are not advisable to people suffering from back pain because they involve twisting and bending.

Back pains shouldn’t be taken lightly because they can lead to much more severe illness. So, whenever the feeling of back pains arrive, follow the needed steps and rest assured, those pains will be gone completely.