How to Spy on Your Partner to See if They are Cheating?

The numbers are in! While there may be no conclusive studies as to what percentage of people cheat on their partners and spouses, many estimates yields fifty (50) percent (%) or higher. As heartbreaking as it may sound, this means therefore that anyone’s husband or wife has a 50/50 chance of them probably cheating.

Being cheated is probably the most wretched and demoralizing experience in one’s personal life. But the feeling of anxiety increases when one really is not sure whether or not the partner is cheating – you’d probably have those nagging thoughts, suspicions yet without proof. However, as silly as it might sound having to entertain these uncertainties, they are enough to cause a person to feel sick in the stomach, be emotionally exhausted, feel sexual neglect and eventually develop low self-esteem. In short, these are symptoms of stress and distress. On the other hand, all these things can be overcome when effort is made to catch the cheating partner.

There are always some ways to employ to find out for sure if your partner or spouse could be cheating on you and in the recent years, aside from shelling out a big amount to hire a private investigator, three ways have proven very effective in doing so.


While it may have only been a figment of the imagination twenty years ago, miniature spy-cams is no longer just available in the world of James Bond, in fact one can buy one right on the internet or in high end stores across the country and the globe. Spy cams come in all sizes and designs and have become so tiny these days that they can be hidden almost anywhere. If you want to catch a cheater red-handed, all you got to do is hide the miniature cams in a very strategic locations around the home (that is, if you have the strongest suspicions it’s being done right in your own house). But if cheating is done in other locations, the spy cams may not be a good idea, unless you have the extra time and Houdini-skills to follow them around without the risk of being discovered.


A key-logging program is another device seen effective in catching a cheating spouse, it only requires installation on a computer and it will record every keystroke made. If he’s been spending too much time on the email or the instant messenger account to talk to another woman, a key-logger will help in nabbing the cheating spouse.


Spy on your Partner
Spy on your Partner

Cheaters need to communicate somehow. The cellphone may be one of those devices you can look for clues. Clues might be that of strange numbers or the suspiciously long hours called that has been recorded on the billing statements. Run a reverse search to find out the parties called, the address and other important details. The telephone billing statement may not be the only document to be scrutinized, shared credit card and reports may leave clues too. Have had too many suspicious and unexplained charges lately? Confronting the partner bluntly. Pay attention as you ask questions and seek explanations and carefully patch and sew details, picking up inconsistencies.

As cliché-sounding as it may sound, the truth will eventually set one free, even if it might mean being emotionally hurt at first by a cheating partner or spouse.