How to Repair a Screen Door

For a great way to let fresh air into your home, you can’t go wrong with a sliding screen door. Screen doors can add to the beauty of your home. However, they aren’t indestructible. It’s not rare to find a hole in the screen or find that your door is beginning to creak if it has been hanging there a while.

If your screen door frame is made of wood, it may be beginning to crack. Having to replace your screen door can get costly, especially if it’s just for minor things. However, if you knew how to repair a screen door yourself, think of the savings! Below are some helpful tips to guide you the next time your screen door needs fixing.

Clean before you start

Make sure you clean all of the dirt, pebbles, and twigs away from your work area. Believe it or not, these particles can jam up the track and guarantee your door won’t function properly. Also, another helpful tip is, use grease to lubricate the tracks. This will help the door slide more smoothly.

How to Repair a Screen Door
A screen door

Check the Alignment

After you’ve cleaned the track, check the alignment. The doors need to be in line with the door frame. There is to be no extra space below or above the door panel. The length and angle of the door need to be checked to make sure the door is entirely flush with the track and floor. The length of the door can be enhanced simply by adjusting the screws attached to the door.

Check for rips or Tears

Now that you’ve aligned the doors, you need to put on the screen. Before doing so, you need to check for rips or tears in the screen mesh. If there are any, they can easily be fixed by putting on a quick patch. However, you may need to replace the whole screen if the hole is too big. To set a small hole or tear, you’ll need to use a heavy-duty thread to sew the patch.

Then use cement to seal the stitches. This will camouflage the run that was caused by the tear. There are ready-made patches you can purchase to fix the hole, or you can even cut a piece out of a new roll of the screen to fix the tear. The next step, remove the two pieces of mesh from the old screen hole and weave the new mesh into it. After that, seal it with cement.

Replacing a Screen

If you can’t repair the screen and you have to replace it, you better get your tools and begin. You will need; a utility knife, clamp, screwdriver, carpenter’s square, awl, spline, and of course, the new screen. First, remove the handle of the door.

This gives you unobstructed access to work on the screen. Grab and awl and pry the spline open. Use your hands and pry it open gently without damaging it. Remove the rollers with a screwdriver. You can also install new splines at this point if you want to. You can use your utility knife to cut those to your desired length. Next, put the screen carefully over the frame.

Make sure to align one edge of the screen with the exterior side of the frame so you can make sure it is square to the frame. A convex roller will allow you to press the screen into the grooves of the door frame. Trim off the excess screen with a knife. Put the door back together; it should slide smoothly. There you have it; you just repaired your sliding screen door. I knew you could do it!

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