How to reduce your electricity cost

Paying household bills is always a moment everyone dreads. Its made much worse during times of high energy prices when gas and electricity suppliers almost always pass these increases on to their customers. It can be a horrific moment when you receive your bill through the letterbox and see a charge that is almost twice as much as the previous quarter. Other than switching the supplier at appropriate times to take advantage of the small difference that companies are charging by the unit, and it is often a very small difference, there are ways to cut your electricity bill by making a few changes to how you use your appliances.



Make sure you use energy efficient light bulbs. There are two benefits of using them. They are cheap and last much longer (many months), more importantly, they consume much less electricity because they emit much lower levels of energy. If they are used throughout a house it is possible to save a quarter on your bill. Make sure you always turn the light off when a room is empty. This may seem like a simple advice but too often lights are left on when someone leaves a room. This is an unnecessary waste of electricity. It can also be beneficial to use a light dimmer in place of a switch, the lights can be turned way down when a lot of brightness isn’t required.


We all know computers are used a lot around the house these days for either work, study or entertainment. Too often computers run for the whole day even though they aren’t being used for half the time. People are used to leaving their computer on even if they leave their desk for an hour or two. It is probably wise to either shut the computer down or at least put it on standby so it will use up less electricity. Another problem is that because the study desk is often also the entertainment space, there is often a huge array of gadgets there that require electricity to operate. It is often true that people attach all of these into their electric outlets even though some of them are used only from time to time. It is advised to put only the very necessary equipment in the outlet and out the others away. Better still, attach an extension with individual switches so you only need to turn on the ones that you are using.

Washing machine and dryer

In a typical home, these are usually the most responsible for running up electricity bill. Since they, especially the washing machine, use powerful motors requiring a lot of electricity to operate.

Getting electricity and gas from the same supplier

This usually qualifies you for some discounts on both. This offer is often made to tempt you in using a supplier to use both electricity and gas from them. This is a good idea and causes less hassle when paying the bills