How to Make Money As a Freelance Writer

The internet is a place for surfers to find information and providing this information on blogs, websites, and ecommerce sites is a great way to be a freelance writer online. Information comes in many different styles and shapes including ads, product descriptions, website content, blog posts, and articles for directories along with press releases and news stories.


Freelance sites

Starting with the internet, you can expand your skills and possibly write for an offline source as well including magazines. The best way to start in the business is by joining freelance websites such as RentACoder, Elance, and Get A Freelancer. Webmasters frequent these websites in search of quality content writers and freelance writers. You will need to know a bit about the business and how to use keywords in most cases for website content in order to become great. The best way to learn about how to charge is to watch the bids on a project and see what bid wins the project. This will certainly help you in many ways so you do not charge too much or in some way too less. As a beginner of course, you should bid less than others until you make a name for yourself. You will soon have clients of your own, that will put up projects for you and you alone.

Other areas

You can also use Craigslist to advertise your freelance writing skills as well as find projects. Just choose any city in the world and place your ad for freelance writing. Many webmasters in other countries are in search of English writers, so you use this to your advantage. Just as an example, you can visit the Berlin, Germany link. Once there you will need to go down the page to gigs and then click writing gigs. You will find a wide array of individuals and companies in search of freelance writers. The same goes for any and all countries throughout the world.


Blogging jobs may be one of the easiest to find. You can just type in your favorite search bloggers wanted and you will find companies looking for a blogger. In some cases, they will want you to have your own blog and will then pay you to write on your blog with a link to their website. Other types they are looking for blogger for their website.

If you want to get your foot in the door, you can even email writer teams online or even individual writers. In many cases, they can use a hand from time to time and may even teach you some of things you need to know regarding writing for the web. There is nothing wrong with emailing a writing team or individual writer, all they can say is that they are not hiring any writers at this time.

Before quitting your present job and starting online, you should start online and keep your job until you build up your web presence. Before long, you may have enough clients that you can stay at home and make a nice living.