How to Get Rid of Prank Callers?

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There are a few things in this world that can ruin a relaxing night at home. There are the events such as a neighbor interrupting dinner to invite themselves over for a game of cards, your daughter or son setting off the fire alarm while attempting to bake a cake, or even the dog getting sick from getting into yesterday’s garbage. These events are irritating, but no event can compete with getting a prank call. Getting rid of a prank caller can seem impossible, but by looking into how to “block” a caller, being creative with how you reply to the caller, and knowing when to inform the police will ensure that the prank calls will come to an end.

Block the Phone Number


To guarantee that the caller will not call again, it is important to have the phone number blocked. Find the customer service phone number on the phone bill. Designate an hour during your day to speak with your phone bill company to see if they can provide the phone number of the prank caller. Most phone companies are able to block phone numbers from calling you again for free or a small fee. If kids are the prank callers, you can do reverse look up on internet sites to find out the address that belongs to the phone number. Once you do this you will be able to mail a letter to the parents of the children pranksters, or call the parents in hopes for them to discipline their children into not prank calling your home again.

Reply Creatively


In some situations prank callers are just trying to get a reaction out of people and are just being silly. Some of the most recognizable silly prank calls are asking “Is your refrigerator running?” after you saying yes, the follow up being “well you better go catch it!”. To stop get rid of this type of prank caller, you may say something such as “Actually no, my refrigerator is not running, it broke yesterday, were you the one who broke it?!”. This will take the caller by surprise, and they will probably hang up and not call you again. If a prank caller is calling you in a silly voice, the best way to get rid of this prank caller is to answer their questions in a serious tone, and inquire on the subject of the conversation. They will be surprised that you are interested and will most likely hang up realizing that they have failed.

prank calls
prank calls

Inform the Police


Not all prank calls are silly and lighthearted. Some prank calls are scary and threatening. If you are ever in a situation where a prank caller is making you feel unsafe in your home, you should inform the police immediately. Remember to write down everything that the prank caller says to you on the phone, document the date and time, and try to obtain the phone number from your phone company. If the phone number is viewed as “Unavailable” or “Private’ then you may decide to change your phone number permanently after contacting the police. Do not try to argue with the threatening prank caller, or continue to talk to them once you realize that the caller is attempting to antagonize you. How to get rid of a prank caller in a threatening situation can be difficult but with persistence and involving the police will mostly result in a positive outcome.

Wrapping Up


Whether you are dealing with neighborhood children interrupting your evening with a silly joke, or a person threatening you it is important to block the phone number, be creative with how you reply to the caller, and know when to inform the police of the antagonizing situation. With these steps taken, getting rid of a prank caller will be a much easier question for you to answer when put in this situation.