How to Get Rid of Pen Ink Stains

Don’t you think it would be extraordinary for people to look at you like you were ‘The person’? This will only apply if you aren’t used to such magnetism. You realize that you’re an enigmatic person, walking with your head held high and people all around you, laughing and jeering when you cross them.

It’s not what you think it is. For heaven’s sake, check yourself in front of the mirror! And there; you’ll find a ball-sized blotch of ink dripping from your shirt pocket. It is high time you learn that the number of people watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your action!

Even people who are fond of pens and crazy about collecting any pen that enters the market, would be furious with what their favorite thing has done to them. It is an embarrassing situation when you’ve got pen ink stains on your shirt. It makes you look like a ‘dimwit’- we know.

Removal of Ink stains from Carpets & Clothes

The first thing you should do before putting your clothes in the washing machine is to check all the labels to know if they are washable and to make sure that they DO NOT give out their color. It is always better to dry-clean your clothes to avoid any hassles.

Some of the things you can do by yourself to remove ink stains from carpets and clothing are:

Using hair spray (alcohol oriented).

Keep some towels (paper) beneath the clothes. The ink will begin to get absorbed into the paper towels.

Do this again and again until you find that there are no more remnants of the stain. But this time, use nail polish remover that is based mainly on alcohol and not any hair spray for more efficiency in the output.

How to Get Rid of Pen Ink Stains
Ink Stain

Even after this, if you find that the ink stain is persistent, damp the dress in whole-fat milk and then launder it usually.

Make sure that the stain completely is removed before you subject the garment to drying. Else, it will only make your task and the stain harder. In case the stain remains to fight it out, take the garment to the local dry-cleaning store.

Removal of Ink stains from Surfaces

If your kitchen cleaners and degreasing equipment have failed at removing ink stains on hard surfaces, make a beeline to the local hardware store and buy surface ink removal equipment. If you are unable to locate one, soak the area in soapy water mixed with a few drops of ammonia, scrub, rinse, and dry. (The scrubbing should be done if the surface can take it and only if you are double sure that the cover won’t bear any damage.)

Using Denatured alcohol

You can use denatured alcohol or paint thinner, in case your previous trials were ineffective at removing the stains on the surface. But you should be extremely careful while using denatured alcohol or thinners because these can damage some surfaces that include painted walls and wooden floors. So if you want your lovely floor to bear no damage, you should make sure you know what is required for your floor and also what is ‘good’ for the stain.

In case you can’t stand the sight of an ink stain on the surface, and you desperately want to get rid of the ink stain, you can try all removal techniques in a place where any damage that occurs will not be obviously visible. Thereby, any one of the above-listed tactics would suffice to get rid of a pen ink stain.

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