How to Get Rid of Onion Breath

One of the worst problems to have during or after a date is onion breath. Bad breath is traditionally caused by a bodies reaction to the substances in the food aka gas. Another reason for bad breath is food particles and bacteria in the mouth remaining for short to long periods of time. One of the things to understand particularly about onion breath is the smell is not solely in the mouth, it is actually also in the lungs which is why it is so hard to solve the bad breath problem.

Some ways in which you can either eliminate or help reduce the effects of onion breath are the following: 

Brush Your Teeth

Although as we stated purely washing your mouth will not fully eliminate the smell of onion breath it can greatly help reducing it for a period of time by overwhelming the smell with a stronger smell such as the mint from toothpaste. Also cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush will help remove the onion from on, behind, and between your teeth to help eliminate a possible problem from remainder of onion inside your mouth.


Powder Spices Are Bad

Anything which is dried or dehydrated before storage may actually be greatly stronger than you had expected once it actually starts cooking. Using fresh crisp onions in your cooking can help reduce the chances of the onion taste being too greatly strong which is one of the main causes for having the smell of onions not only in your mouth but also other parts of your body such as the lungs.

Vegetables And Herbs

Mixing green vegetables into a kind of sludge than eating it is a proven way to get rid of onion breath. Traditionally you can use just about any kind of vegetable but do not use just one or you may not get your desired effect. Another way would be to counteract the onion with something stronger, for example mint leaves or drinking tea may solve your onion breath. Mint leaves are just as invasive as onions or garlic therefore can get into all the parts of your body where the onion smell is coming from and replace that smell with a fresh mint. (Read more about how to get rid of garlic breath)

No matter what you do always remember that solving onion breath can take time, due to onion smell getting into your lungs you may not be able to completely eliminate it for up to a few days. You may although be able to cover up the smell until the onion stench is totally gone.