How to Get Rid of Japanese Hornets

Japanese Hornets

If Japanese hornets have invaded the peace and quiet of your backyard or garden, you must take effective action to get rid of these insects sooner rather than later. Japanese hornets, also called Asian giant hornets, are the largest hornet in the world, growing to 2 inches in length with a 3-inch wingspan. If their nests are disturbed, these hornets become very aggressive as a group and quite dangerous. Their sting can be fatal to anyone with bee allergies. To get rid of Japanese Hornets, follow the three simple strategies below:


Destroy Nests at Night

Your local hardware store can provide you with spray cans of hornet pesticide that can shoot as far as 15 to 20 feet away so you are not standing right on top of their nest. The best time for using this pesticide is in the middle of the night when the hornets are inside the nest and not active. Wear protective clothing, including gloves, long sleeves and protective eyewear while using any pesticides. Because there is only one opening to the nest, shoot the spray directly into this hole but under no circumstances should you swing at the nest to break it open. This could put you into immediate danger from a swarm of angry Japanese hornets. Follow the directions exactly as stated by the manufacturer and you should have no more trouble from inside the nest.


Remove What Attracts Them

Japanese Hornets1

Japanese hornets are very often attracted to food and food trash that has not been properly secured in the trash bin. Even compost piles can attract this unwanted insect infestation. Be sure that you deposit all food garbage securely under cover in the trash cans, and place your compost inside a compost bin so that when you deposit food scraps, there is not easy access to this material by the hornets. If there is no easy food source to attract Japanese hornets, they are less likely to even start building their nest anywhere on your property.


Natural Deterrents

A homemade solution of water, detergent, vinegar and sugar placed in an open bucket or container can serve as a natural way to trap and drown Japanese hornets. Position your bucket or container to hang from a tree nearest to their nest and check every few days in the evenings when the hornets are in their nest to dispose of the dead hornets and replenish the liquid solution as needed. You can also create a trap by placing a piece of raw meat inside some water placed into an old plastic soda bottle. This contraption can attract the queen of the hive, trap her and drown her.

As a last resort for getting rid of Japanese hornets, call a professional exterminator so you can enjoy the outdoors safely once again.