how to get rid of German Roaches naturally

Solution: 1,2,3 combination punches: Bait, IGR, and Non-Repellent Insecticide

Summary: A bait to draw them out (and if they eat it, they will die), a Non-Repellent Insecticide that is a delayed-silent killer that they don’t know is killing them, and an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that breaks the life cycle to slow down reproduction.

Hard to get rid of!

German Cockroaches are one of the hardest pests to get rid of. Once a German Cockroach is brought into your home they don’t leave. Most bugs will come into your home and then go back outside, but a German Cockroach will like their new digs and an eviction notice won’t work. The only way to solve this problem is full-on attack. One of the reasons they are such pests to get rid of is their ability to reproduce. They double their population every 2 weeks, therefore if you have a pregnant female January 1, you can have up to 500,000 by December 31.

Eradicating German Cockroaches from a House

You will need to purchase a non-repellent spray, birth control, and bait. The non-repellent spray is an odorless spray that German Cockroaches will not smell and will cross over freely. Most sprays you see in the home improvement, hardware or grocery stores, are repellents.

These types of sprays have an odor and will repel the cockroach away from the insecticide. When this happens the roaches will find a place to live where you are not spraying. They often pick the stove, microwave or coffee pot as their new home.

To add to your non-repellent spray, you will need an IGR, which many refer to as “Birth Control”. This will keep the German cockroaches form reproducing faster than you are killing them.

how to get rid of German Roaches naturally
German Cockroach

Bait is the final component you will need to incorporate into your German cockroach solution. You will need to put dime size dots of bait everywhere you have sprayed. The bait will entice the roaches to go eat it. At the same time they are eating the bait, they are crossing over the non-repellent spray and the “birth control”.

Do not place the bait on paper or cardboard as it will absorb the moisture from the bait and it will dry out. Place the bait on something with a slick finish like a laminated playing card or old credit card. This will keep the bait fresher longer.

Eradicating German Cockroaches from an Apartment

Eradicating German cockroaches from a shared wall situation is a little different than a house and will take longer. When you have shared walls you will need a repellent spray, birth control, and bait. The repellent spray will be sprayed only around your baseboards, doors, windows, and under sinks where the plumbing comes into the walls. This will keep your neighbors’ bugs from infesting your apartment or condo while you are eradicating the roaches in your space.

The birth control you will need will be in a gas or vapor form. You will place these under your sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms. They will admit a vapor that will keep the cockroaches from reproducing.

The bait is the final component you will need to incorporate into your German cockroach solution. Place the bait away from where you have sprayed. Place it under the refrigerator, under the stove, on the backs of electrical outlets, on the floor behind the toilets, and anywhere you are seeing them except where you sprayed the repellent spray. Remember the repellent spray is to keep roaches away so you do not want to place the bait on it.

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