How to Get Rid of a Big Butt

You think you look almost perfect – except for that behind. It’s just a little too big, isn’t it? Well, most women would desire a big, round bottom. But a lot of you would prefer one that stays in proportion with the rest of your body! There are a couple of ways to disguise your huge butt, and to make it appear smaller; there are exercises to actually reduce the size.

Wear suitable clothes

The key to disguising the hugeness of your butt is by strategically choosing and wearing clothes. If you pick a small T-shirt and clingy jeans, you’re heading for a disaster. Pick longer shirts, and ones that are not too tight. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you have to go around wearing oversized, ill-fitting shirts.

Choose one that flatters you, which accentuates your good parts, yet plays down the size of your butt. One that is of medium-fit, and reaches mid-butt would be ideal. Accessorizing, and wearing fabrics that are flattering and unique will divert attention away from your problem area. Also pick clothes such as A-line skirts, empire waist dresses, etc that will float over the butt or hips.

Wearing a low-waist belt will draw attention away from your butt, and will also make it look smaller. Skinny jeans, tapered pants are a no-no for you. Instead, wear slightly flared pants that will make you look more proportionate. Straight legged boot cuts will also work. If you thought to wear a tight, the short top would be a mistake, wearing a long, tight top will be just as bad. It hugs your butt, and does you no favors!


Now let’s get to the exercise part. Working out regularly, be it jogging, cycling, running or just walking, will tone your butt. When you lose the flab, the size reduces. Big or small, firm butt is what you should be striving for. Here are a couple of exercises that will help you achieve that!

How to Get Rid of a Big Butt

Extension – move the thigh backward to achieve a good workout.

External Rotation – Rotate your pelvis and thigh outward, which will work on the Gluteus Maximus muscle, which is the largest muscle in your butt. So concentrating on this muscle is important.

Transverse Abduction – This involves moving the thigh outward, while your hip is bent.

Abduction – it involves moving the thigh inward while the hip remains straight.

Losing your body fat will get rid of you’re the flab in your butt. So cardio exercises should also be your primary focus, along with weight training. Follow all of these rules carefully, but they will still not make any difference if you have an uncontrolled diet!

Follow a healthy diet

Whatever you put into your mouth will show on your body – in the case of fatty foods that is. So following a healthy diet will make a lot of difference! This might sound a tad over the top, but writing down everything you consume will actually help you have better control over your diet. Cut down on French fries and the like!

Here are some tips to improve your workout regime, and get that toned butt as quickly as possible!

While working out on the treadmill, try interval training. Pick varying forms of exercise, such as cycling, jogging, sport, etc. This will make working out seem fun, instead of monotonous.

As you get used to exercising, increase the intensity. Keep an eye on your heart rate, though. Don’t be erratic when it comes to weight lifting. Make it a regular part of your regime. And the timeless advice of skipping the elevator and taking the stairs works well here, too!