How to Get Free Legal Aid in the USA in 2020

Are you in need of legal assistance but can not afford it? We all know how expensive lawyers can be, so what do you do when you need an attorney and can’t afford it? Well, luckily for some of us, there are what they call pro bono lawyers and programs to help the needy.

Where to get free legal aid

One place you can go to for help is the American Bar Association’s web site. They have a vast pro bono directory for the entire country. All you have to do is click on the state you are in, and it will show you the pro bono programs in your area. If you are lucky, there will be one for your particular situation. You can find their directory online at

Types of cases handled by pro bono lawyers:

Pro bono lawyers and pro bono organizations are usually set up to help those in need that couldn’t otherwise afford a lawyer. Almost all areas around the country have specialized organizations close by for senior citizens and the poverty-stricken. Then there are ones with specific moralistic goals such as legal organizations to help those with AIDs and other health problems.

Anyone needing legal aid who can’t afford it is likely to find help if they try to find it. There are even programs for criminals so that anyone can do it. The ABA(American Bar Association) is always a great place to start looking for help, no matter what sort you are looking for. If you can’t afford help, there is probably a program for you. We searched online and found free legal aid for criminals, retired people, people with diseases, people who are below the poverty level, and even people trying to get their kids back or fighting for visitation. There is help for almost anyone if you search for it!

Legal Aid
Legal Aid

Free legal aid for seniors

Nearly every city has free legal aid available for senior citizens. Some have different age requirements, but most will help anyone over age 60 or so. They can assist the community seniors with Bankruptcy, Consumer Affairs, Dissolution of Marriage, Housing, Individual Rights, Public Benefits, Real Estate, Torts, Wills, and more. Lawyers are always willing to help senior citizens in their area. It’s is their way of giving back to the community. If you are over 60 and can’t afford an attorney, contact the ABA in your area, and they will help you almost certainly.

U.S. Department of Justice pro bono work

Yes, that is correct, even the U.S. Department of Justice offers help with pro bono lawyers and groups to assist the poor with legal aid. They offer a state by state search mechanism on their web site where you can get help by clicking on the country you are in, and it will give you a directory of places to go in your area for help if you can not afford it. If you can provide it, by all means, hire a lawyer, but if you can’t afford it, use these support systems that are in place for the poor. That is what they are there for; please do not abuse them. They are for the people that need them, not so you can save money for a second vacation this year!

When we investigated the Department of justice site, we found free legal help for immigrants, Latinos, Christians, refugees, the poor, and many lists of lawyers willing to help without any restrictions on what they do. So, there are lawyers that will do pro bono cases that don’t specify that you have to be a particular race or a certain age; they want to help. Lawyers, for the most part, are not all bad as some of you may think, they will help you when you need it most if you can’t afford them. However, it you can afford them, they will take a pretty significant chunk of your pay sometimes! Good luck with your legal issues, and if you can’t afford help, there is likely to be a lawyer who will help you for free!

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