How to Get Better at Running

Many people would like to take up running for the health benefits that it offers. However, they often do not know how to start and starting too quickly causes sore muscles, and they soon quit. In this plan, we will start slowly and over the course of nine weeks you will be ready to run a marathon.


Get your running supplies and set a schedule

The first step in starting a good running program is to buy a good pair of shoes that you will use only for that purpose. Often the best way to do this is to visit an athletic store that will test your gait and your foot and help you choose the best shoes. Also make sure you choose a good cotton outfit to wear while running. Cotton breathes so you will be more comfortable during your running. Becoming a runner requires a time commitment. Look at your schedule, and find 30 minutes that you can exercise every day. Also you will need a good stop watch that is easy to set and is easy to carry.

The First Week

Since many people who want to become runners have been doing no form of exercise, it is important to start slowly. During this week, start with a few warm-up stretching exercise, and then walk briskly for five minutes. A brisk walk contains approximately 140 steps per minute. Start with a five minute walk, then jog for 60 seconds. Follow this with a 90 second walk. Then, jog for 60 seconds, before walking for another 90 seconds. Keep this pattern up for a total of twenty minutes. Then do a slow walk for five minutes. Repeat this pattern on at least five days during the week.

The Second Week

You should now be used to exercising at least five times a week. The key to becoming a runner is to start slow and gradually increase the amount of time that you are running. Always start your running with stretches and a brisk five minute walk. This week, jog for 90 seconds and walk for two minutes until you have a total of twenty minutes. Then do a slow walk for five minutes. Consistency is very important so make sure you do this at least five time during the week. Making it a point, to do it at the same time each day will help to establish a habit in your life.

The Third through the ninth week

Gradually increase your running time while decreasing your walking time. Over the course, of nine weeks you will be able to run a marathon.


By the ninth week, you should be running a marathon. This is great for your health. You have also established a new habit in your life. The key is to start slowly and always remember to stretch before and after your exercise period.