How to conserve electricity!

It is a known fact that the rates of producing and supplying electricity are increasing tremendously all over the world. The worst part is that there seems to be no effective solution to this critical issue and the only answers seem to be limiting and restricting the usage of electricity or producing inexpensive electricity. Both these answers require a considerable amount of time to get implemented effectively. Households, offices, and industries all are suffering equally as a result of this crisis that is steadily gripping the world. Also, establishing new suppliers of electricity will not provide an immediate solution because the plan itself, yet again will take a lot of time to get approved and implemented.

Conserve Electricity
Conserve Electricity

Ways to save on electricity:

Instead of counting on the government to reverse or alter this situation in our favor, we must follow certain steps by which we too can save energy and help conserve the environment, and at the save time also save on our escalating electricity bills. These steps are also simple enough to incorporate into your daily lives in order to reduce your carbon foot print and save money significantly:

Always turn off the power from the source:

Always remember to not only switch off electrical appliances and devices when they are not in use, but disconnect them from the power source or socket entirely to prevent them from consuming energy on standby mode. It is a fact that appliances consume a considerable amount of power even on standby mode and hence this simple habit will allow you to save a lot on your electricity bills. Your bills can actually decrease by 20% if you simple switch appliances off at the power socket.

Try to cool your homes naturally:

Try cutting down on your excessive usage of air conditioners as they make up a major portion of your electricity bills. When you can, use pedestal or ceiling fans to cool your homes or cool your homes naturally by opening the window and allowing the fresh breeze to come in. don’t turn on the air conditioners until it gets too hot. In case you are using the air conditioner, always remember to set the thermostat to a temperature that makes the room pleasantly cool and not excessively cold. Setting the thermostat to very low temperatures forces the compressor of the air conditioners to work twice as hard, hence consuming double the amount of electricity.

Install Photo Voltaic panels to create your own electricity

: By installing PV panels on the roofs of your house or workplace, you can reap countless benefits such as generating your own electricity practically for free after your first investment! These panels convert solar energy into current electricity that can power anything from household appliances to complete homes.

Purchase “Green” appliances for you home:

When purchasing household appliances and devices for your home, always invest in those that conserve energy. Energy saving appliances are also more reliable and last much longer than conventional everyday household appliances. You can get energy saving bulbs, energy saving kettles, energy saving washing machines and even dryers for your home.

Limit the usage of the electric oven:

Use microwaves for all cooking and heating purposes instead of using the electric oven. The oven must only be restricted to baking. Also eliminate the habit of preheating the oven before baking because this consumes plenty of energy that keeps adding to your bills. Pre heating the oven is a complete waste of energy. If you must use your electric oven, try to load it with as many dishes as you can at one time instead of loading it again and again.

Dry your laundry in the sun:

Instead of using the electric dryer every time you do your laundry, dry the laundry out on the line in the sun if the weather is favorable. This allows you to save on a lot of power and energy. Drying you laundry out in the sun will also get rid of many micro organisms that accumulate in your clothes over time that the electric dryer cannot possible get rid of. The sun and the wind will also make your laundry fresh.

Boil water for tea and coffee on the gas stove:

Use the conventional method of boiling water on the gas stoves instead of using electric kettles. Electric kettles use a tremendous amount of electricity in order to bring water to boil. “Green” electric kettles on the other hand are much better than conventional ones, as they use much less electricity to work.


Following these small steps can enable you to save considerably on the outrageous amount of money that was previously being spent on the payment of electricity bills, plus they will also allow you to contribute towards the well being of the environment and planet. A lot of energy can be saved if these steps are incorporated into the everyday lives of households all over the world. They allow you to conserve power, and save considerably on your electricity bills.