How To Choose a Reputable Freight Forwarding Company?

After decades of conjecture, forecasts and pop culture hypotheses, there is no longer any doubt that our economy is now part of a global economy. There is no better evidence of this than the current recession. Even though the economies of most countries are currently struggling, the clothes we wear, the televisions we watch, the communications devices we use, and even some of the foods we eat ship from all over the world. Few of us ever think about them, but freight forwarding companies in almost every country make all this possible. Freight companies handle the daunting logistics of getting LED televisions from Guangzhou, China, to Memphis, TN, intact and on time and that crates of Swedish lingo berries arrive in Miami in time for Christmas.

Freight forwarding companies work closely with freight carriers and shipping companies to ensure that their clients get the products shipped at the best rates. It’s a very competitive industry and a wide range of factors affects shipping costs. However, whether you’re in charge of a huge multinational company or sole proprietorship, if you need to ship your goods from one place to another, chances are very good that a freight forwarding company is facilitating the whole process for you. Here are some things to look for in a freight forwarding company:

freight carriers
freight carriers
  1. Free Freight Quotes:

    In order to remain competitive, businesses need fast, free and accurate freight quotes so they can comparison shop for freight rates and calculate their costs of doing business accurately. Unless they have exclusive arrangements with customers and shipping companies, freight forwarding companies that do not offer free estimates cannot compete and survive in today’s marketplace.

  2. Years of Experience in the Industry:

    Experience helping different kinds of companies ship products of all sizes, shapes and weights is essential for a freight forwarding company, as they will have extensive contacts with freight carriers in the U.S. and around the world. This gives them an edge on other freight forwarding companies and inspires confidence in new clients that they will get the freight to its destination on time and at the freight rates quoted.

  3. Exceptional Customer Service:

    Without customer service that solves many shipping problems before they occur, which saves time and money for all involved, a freight forwarding company is out of business. Businesses that rely on freight forwarding companies demand accountability, consistent performance and reliable customer service to streamline and troubleshoot the ever-changing logistics of shipping goods from one location to another.

  4. Huge Network of Freight Carriers:

    A large network of freight carriers ensures that a freight forwarding company’s clients will get the best shipping rates for their products. It also allows the freight forwarding company to accommodate the shipping needs of every type of company and almost every type of product and quantity.

  5. Real-Time Shipment Tracking:

    When a client calls a company wanting to know where their shipment is and when it will arrive, the freight forwarding company had better have real-time information to give available. With so many companies reliant on each other to stay in business, real-time shipment tracking has become an essential part of doing business. Accurate tracking information 24 hours a day helps companies of all kinds manage costs, staff schedules and retain their competitive edge.

  6. Proactively Keeps Shipping Costs Low:

    The companies that provide the best products for the best price survive in this or any other type of economy. Those that cannot offer consumers the best prices cannot compete. It is in a freight forwarding company’s best interest to keep shipping costs as low as possible at all times or they will suffer a similar fate. When so many aspects of shipping costs are dependent on weather, traffic congestion in large urban areas, national and international laws and other factors, a top-tier freight forwarding company will use their experience, professional connections and knowledge of the business and constantly explore new ways to cut costs.

No matter what a company manufactures, where it is located or the size and location of their market, it is always in a business’ best interests to find a freight forwarding company that provides cutting-edge logistics, free freight quotes and delivers on its words made to customers. When a freight forwarding company consistently delivers positive results at the best rates with no excuses, all parties, from the manufacturer to the freight forwarding company to the retailer, benefits.

Ronald Rathbone is a principal of Freight Corner, LLC, an all in one freight forwarding company that uses specialized departments supporting domestic, Canadian, and international shipping. Freight Corner, LLC has a network of more than 80 different freight carriers, allowing shipments from 50 to 40,000+ lbs of over dimensional freight at the lowest freight rates available.