How to Build Deck Stairs

Building deck stairs look tough at first glance, but if you understand it well, it is relatively easy. You need to understand what is rise to run ratio. Rise implies the height between the steps and runs nothing but the depth of the step. You need to look at aspects like the design of the deck, the comfort level of the user, and the dimensions.

Read the following tips on ‘how to build deck stairs’ and you will feel confident enough to build them without much of problem:

Steps To Building The Deck Stairs

The number of deck stairs that you have to make depends on the height of the deck. If you assume the deck is eight inches above the ground, then a single step is enough. However, if the deck is at a greater height, then you need to build three-four steps attached to the stringers.

How to Build Deck Stairs
Deck stairs

These are sloping boards that surround the stairway and are made two by twelve in sizes. They are connected to the deck with deck joists at the top. The stringers lie on a footing at the bottom. Stringers are a part of the stairs, specifically the tow area, to which the stairs would be fixed.

Find out the height of the deck from the ground.

This can help calculate the height and, thus, the number of stairs that are needed. Though this is an estimated calculation to the number of steps that are to be required to be built, to begin with, we have to divide the total height of the deck from the ground with a rise height of say, 7 inches.

The width of the staircase should be good enough for a person to stand comfortably on the stairs. So if the distance of the deck from the ground is 14 inches, then you have to build two stairs.

Length and Height of the stairs to be built.

Use a saw and cut out the stringer. Put the stringer on the deck and find out if the size of the stringer has matched with the calculations. Similarly, mark the other stringer and cut it into shape.

Install the stringer at a distance, which is equivalent to the staircase width.

Cement footing

To keep the stringers stable, the bottom of the stringers should be rested on a cement footing. The cement footing has to be held in level with the stringers.

Now work on the steps to the stringers. Determine the width of the steps as you construct the stringer. Make sure that the step is constructed at an equal distance.

Cut the steps according to the predetermined length and attached to the stringers with the galvanized decking screws. Decking screws can secure the entire deck stairs.

Bear in mind that the process of building deck stairs run into trial and error, which will only help in making the whole learning experience interesting.

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