How to build a portable battery USB

DIY Portable Battery USB

To take with you on your extraordinary electronic device will need constant energy to ensure it can be annoyingly download right in the most important moment, so risk losing your job or data particularly useful. For this reason it turned out really useful to be able to build with their own hands a great portable battery USB, so not only will you have the opportunity to learn techniques extremely useful and interesting, but you’ll also have the all-important ability to save significant sums money, since you will not have to buy that product in a special shop. Of course, to save as much money as possible has become really essential, especially as a result of this serious and widespread economic crisis that still manages to make trouble for many people. So, there is that reading the steps of this interesting guide to understanding quite easily how to build a portable battery usb.

Portable Battery Usb

Make sure you have on hand:

  1. 1 small aluminum box USB cable female insulating tape loader 3/4 AAA batteries peel–wire pliers
  2. The first thing to do is exactly that of giving you a simple metal container which then sfrutterete to generate your useful energy. The latter can be obtained from an ordinary container for mints or from a common aluminum can. Obtain therefore also a female USB port which can also be formed by detaching the same from the old extensions that, in the past, had been damaged in one side. If detached the same from an extension remember to keep a piece of cable and isolate the white wires from the green ones, so that data transmission can not be damaged.
  3. Then enter 3 or 4 rechargeable batteries, namely AAA, inside the battery case. Similarly also get yourself a charger, always of small size, so that you can put the same inside the metal box with batteries. Now I have to do is connect the USB jack to the battery charger. Subsequently, peeled precisely the wires with a special peel–wire and joined immediately after the wires respecting exactly the union of colors between them perfectly compatible.