How One Marketer Built His Martial Arts Brand

Do you have martial arts training or experience under your belt? If so, it could be possible for you to turn your training into a brand. 

How is that possible? Well, you must start with a plan. And, from there you will start building your brand. Sounds easy eyy?

Well it’s not. It is not as simple as some may think but it is still possible. 

Of course, you will need to be fully dedicated to the idea and prepared to take on many new challenges.

 If you can do that, you will be well on your way to utilizing your martial arts training and experience and turning it into a brand.

Building My Martial Arts Brand 

Below, you will discover just a few of the key takeaways that I learned as I built my martial arts brand.

Reviewed Only High-Quality Products Personally

I began by reviewing martial arts products, such as equipment and safety gear. I was committed to only high-quality products because I believe the name brand product is the best option for consumers. However, there are a large number of brands that produce martial arts products. I chose the ones of the highest quality to review. 

It really helps when you have experience in martial arts. I applied my knowledge and years of experience when reviewing. I can say one thing for sure, if you are unfamiliar with the martial arts industry, you will never be able to provide genuine, honest product reviews. 

Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you that I recommend every product I review because that would be far from the truth. With that said, I do recommend most of them. And, I believe that consumers shopping for martial arts gear can benefit greatly by reading my reviews.

In-Depth Product Research

Conducting Product Research

As mentioned above, I apply my knowledge and experience in martial arts to my personal product reviews and recommendations.

But, sometimes I need a little extra assistance. This is especially true for new products entering the market. In these cases, I combine my know-how with in-depth research.

I find that forum research especially,  helps me better form opinions of the products I review because it gives me insight into where it is needed.

Whose reviews would you trust? Would it be an inexperienced or experienced martial artist? Well, let me answer this question for you, as I am a consumer as well as a product reviewer. So, I know the importance of a qualified product reviewer, like myself. I would trust my judgment, as an experienced martial artist, way before I would some Joe Schmoe who is lacking experience but still continues to conduct product reviews. 

Another factor that I believe is important when it comes to research is the information origin. What I mean by this is where I get my information from. I tend to get my information from the manufacturers of the martial arts gear, but I give my opinion based on my personal experience or from other customer reviews and experiences. No one is going to know the product better than the company responsible for producing it. And nobody is going to have better experience as a consumer than the consumer themself.

I feel consumers will find my product reviews helpful. You are more than welcome to compare my reviews to all the others floating around on the Internet. I will guarantee that you will see things included in my reviews that are missing in other reviews. 

In-depth research is crucial for product reviews but the experience is just as important, in my own opinion.


I Speak From Personal Experience

Attempting to establish a brand without connecting with your audience is like trying to drive while blindfolded. You can’t do it. You have to connect with your audience.

 One way to do that is by speaking about your personal experiences. You’ve done a lot of things over the years. Some were good but others were bad. I went through tough times after losing several competitions in a row. Others have been in a similar situation and they managed to prevail. But the thing is, it all comes from personal experience. I have been in several boxing and martial arts competitions and can speak with knowledge.

Performing In Mma Competitions

By writing your content and throwing in your personal experience, you will be able to connect with the target audience.

I sometimes even write personal blog post about the good times I have had in my martial arts career and obviously the not so good times, like when I lost several times in a row. After doing this for a few weeks I noticed that many of my email subscribers were actually tuning in to read my personal martial arts blog post.

One particular post about my seven losses in a row gained quite a bit of traction on reddit and through email. The readers were interacting in the comments and knew how difficult it was to lose. And, they understood how hard it was to come to grips with those losses. By discussing these experiences on my martial arts blog, I got my visitors to understand me for who I am as a person. 

Yeah I have a detailed page about myself but reading that and connecting with me through writing and comment conversation is way different than reading about me and my blog.

I can touch on subjects that they know something about as well. This ensures that I’ve produced excellent content that people are going to be interested in reading. By doing this consistently, I know that people will return time and time again. Maybe to see my next blog post about my martial arts life or maybe to see the products that I recommend. Either way, it is part of establishing a brand.

If you are writing about something unknown to you, it is going to be very problematic. You’ll run into a lot of problems and your content will feel lifeless and generic. You cannot do this. You need to choose a niche that you’re passionate about. This is why I decided to create a martial arts blog. I love martial arts and I’ve been involved in numerous competitions over the years.

People find this fascinating and I love writing about my experience. Find something you’re passionate about and you’ll be one step closer to achieving your goals.


Developing High-Quality Content

Creating High Quality Content

At the end of the day, people are visiting a website for one reason. They want to gain access to in-depth, high-quality, relevant content. When someone visits a website about martial arts and boxing, they expect to find information about martial arts and boxing on that website. And, they want that content to be written by someone knowledgeable in the various martial arts or boxing disciplines. 

If it’s written by a novice, people recognize it immediately. Simultaneously, you should understand that people are not going to put up with low-quality content that is overflowing with grammatical errors or just simple lack of effort.

Personally, I tend to leave websites that have multiple errors on a page. You’re likely to do the same. Therefore, it is necessary to write carefully and slowly. Developing high-quality content that will captivate and mesmerize the viewer will make a huge difference. 

From day 1 I have always posted only high quality content on my website. Do this and you will notice that other websites will start to pay attention. They find high quality content insightful and helpful and tend to link to highly researched and developed content.

If you want to build a solid website that will prove to be successful for many years to come, it is a must to consistently post high-quality content to your website. Take time, do your research, and only post high quality, engaging content. 

Do this and your visitors will spread your content making it easier to become a household name. Consistency is important as well. If you don’t post content regularly, people will have no reason to visit your site.


Always Interact With My Readers in the Comments

Interacting With My Readers

As the owner of a quality trusted martial arts brand, I know the importance of interacting with my readers and my audience. I understand that people are going to visit my website with questions and comments.

What good am I if I don’t help out? I always interact and help my readers. Sometimes comments are even not the nicest. But either way, it is essential to respond to every comment one way or another. 

Doing so ensures that the visitor knows I am listening. It shows that their comment is taken into account and valued. This is just one of the other ways that I was able to build my martial arts brand.

Remember, people are always just naturally going to have questions about martial arts and the equipment needed to succeed. Be ready and willing to answer these questions.

By responding to questions rapidly, I have shown that I am reliable and down to earth. This has helped me gain trust from visitors while also showing my readers that I am just another person just like them. Anyone who intends to have success with an online brand needs to be ready and willing to interact with their visitors.


Things to Keep In Mind:

These are just a few of the things that I learned along that way of building a quality and trusted brand in the martial arts and boxing space. But there are many more ways of establishing trust within your audience and building your brand to become a household name. Be sure to research and always give your best effort when building a brand that you want to become a trusted resource for years to come.