Key Players Involved In the House Purchase Process

Brian was looking to purchase a vacation home in one of his favorite skiing areas. He was assisted by a Telluride real estate agent who showed him quite a few available Telluride properties before he made his final selection. Brian realized that it takes several people working together to successfully transact the transfer of a home from the seller to the buyer.

Getting a new house?

While some owners are perfectly comfortable selling their home without an agent, others rely heavily on the expertise and knowledge an agent can provide. The following is a list of contacts whom you may wish to consult if you are pursuing the purchase of a new home. Each of the professionals on this list can help you attend to every necessary detail as you set about making what may be the biggest purchase of your life.

Key Players Involved In the House Purchase Process

A licensed agent who specializes in helping buyers will be very advantageous. The benefits of an agent to support you in a home purchase are plentiful. From informing you of available listings to negotiating the price to helping you understand some of the various paperwork involved in the documentation process, an agent can be beneficial.

While this process may be unknown to a buyer, an agent sees the process occur with each client he or she assists. This experience can be a real plus if issues or concerns arise. Remember that as a buyer, your realtor fee is typically covered by the seller of the house you decide to purchase.

The right value of the house

An appraiser will determine the correct value of the home you are seeking to purchase. This information is valuable for a buyer because it lets you know if you have signed a fair contract, and it is necessary information for the mortgage process as well. Appraisers make a visual assessment of the home, review facts about the home, and analyze comparable sales in the area to help them appraise the home in question.

A mortgage broker or loan officer will help you secure the best loan for your buying needs. Obtaining a loan for the home you wish to purchase is one of the biggest hurdles to cross. A loan officer will assess documentation such as credit score, debt load, down payment amount, and value of the home to determine what rates and terms you may be eligible for.

Home Inspection

A home inspector will meticulously evaluate the home you wish to purchase to make you aware of any potential problems or situations which you should know about. While you may be tempted to opt-out of a home inspection, remember that an inspector will see things you as the buyer can not see.

An insurance agent is responsible for helping you get adequate homeowners insurance in place before your purchase. This insurance is typically paid monthly and can be a part of your total mortgage payment.

Connor Sullivan considered purchasing several Telluride properties last summer before the recession. He was pleased with his Telluride real estate agent and was thrilled with the available properties.