Hot New Social Networking Apps

While Instagram might be the fan favourite right now, there are some things it can’t do, like let friends create a shared album of photos. Thafs the gap Popset is looking to fill, as you create private or shared albums that can then be shared with the world, also, you can buy active Instagram followers. You ve got a whole lunch of filters, as well as the ability to take shots in – app – so you don t need to go to anywhere else.


Having said that, you can also create an album from your camera roll so you can snap away first andbring it all together in the i —W app later if you want.

A photo community that s as much about being social as it is about showing off where you ve been and what you ve got.


If sharing every minutiae of your day from the moment you wake up to your midnight snack – is something you re already doing on Twitter or Facebook, then you really should make the move over to Path. The interface is designed specifically for the iPhone, making it incredibly easy to use, and thanks to links ,

Tumblr, and Facebook, you m don t need to lose touch —with your other networks. Beautifully designed and

chock-full of features,

Path is a winner.

Far and away the best social network app we vet seen in a long time on any device. Know see for iPhone Being a tastemaker used to be the preserve of a fortunate few, but thanks to apps like Knowsee. everyone can share their recommendations with the world. Knowsee encourages you to share images of things you love – whether that s a dish at your favourite restaurant or a venue that has

great music. Everything is geo tagged and you can search for the latest recommendations. Simple aid effective on Twitter and Facebook. Simple and to the point, sharing your personal recommendations with Know see is easy to do.


Taking the list function of Twitter or the Circles of Google to their natural conclusion. Kibits lets you create mini – communities of your friends, family or colleagues. You can then fill that conversation with images, video, notes or files imported from iQoud and Dropbox. This makes what at first glance seems like a fairly casual image sharer into a much more comprehensive tool

for collaborative work and play. Your contacts can be invited from the details on your phone, via email or ? from Facebook. so no one should be left behind. Much more to it than meets the eye. this is a pretty decent social image sharer for private groups.


Opuss promotes itself as a place for (those wishing to express themselves in more than 140 characters, but this is more than an app for the linguistically prolific. Opuss is a place where you can share creative writing, jokes, poems, recipes and more, As a place to open up to the world and share your thoughts, this is a hotbed of interest and engagement that the mad swirl of Twitter or Facebook simply cannot achieve. It s packaged in a very neat and tidy app that s a pleasure to navigate and upload to on a regular basis, It A fine way to share more about yourself than just what I V -. you ve had for lunch.


Combining an image with some text is t all that revolutionary, but since you get to search for the image in – app, and then add your own text it offers up a lot of customization, so you can have a little fun with it, You can also add images from your camera roll so you don t have to stick with what Blurt throws at you. Everything you make can be instantly ? shared on Twitter as well as uploaded to Blurt and all the latest images can viewed instantly from across the community.

It s more fun than 140 characters alone can offer. A simple, but very fun premise that makes sharing your thoughts a more visual and creative experience poodle.

Probably the most fun social app in this small collection, poodle lets you sketch fun little drawings and then share them with the world. With a small selection of pen styles – from a pencil and highlighter to a Sharpie – and a range of different colours for each, this is like the notepad that sits next to your telephone and the tub of pens you have there too. The results you can achieve are the best bit though, as some very creative types to create small works of art within the limited frame to this app. Like Draw Something, but without the competition and ; with ten times the creativity.


This is one new social app you’re likely to have heard of, as Pinterest is turning a lot of heads at the moment. The simple idea behind it is to share the things you love by attaching them to a virtual pinboard, That could be anything from images you take from your Camera Roll of your day s activities or things you found on the web that you think are amazing, Millions of Hi | Cy people have already joined and with a few keyword searches you can find a lot of like minded and engaged people to follow in a matter of moments.

interest sharing community app that s growing by the day and is only getting stronger.


With so many other social networking apps, and even Twitter client apps around for free, is Tweetbot really worth spending money on? Well, if you re a regular tweeter we have to say yes. Tweetbot offers an even better user experience than the official iPad app thanks to a number of neat tricks. While the sliding menus may not be here, you get a impler, streamlined experience that s much easier for tracking and maintaining conversations, as well your lists.