Honda Bay – Philippines

On day four, right after breakfast, we packed the backpack with our beach stuff, including our hammock, hopped on the motorbike and headed for Honda Bay for a day of island hopping. Upon our arrival at the Honda Bay Marina, Pepe hired our boatmen for the day and boarded their outrigger for a day on the beautiful waters of Puerto Princesa.

Another beautiful day and we were out on the water enjoying ourselves. Our boatmen took us around the waters of Honda Bay and showed us the different islands, ultimately taking us to an island called Snake Island (no snakes) for lunch and an afternoon of relaxation on the beach.

Snake Island

Snake Island is a small, white sand beach, named for its shape, resembling a snake. Snake Island has picnic areas for beachgoers, with thatched covered cabanas, free of charge for you to use while there.

Honda Bay - Philippines

We also opted for lunch from the food stall on the beach and picked out some live crabs to enjoy steamed, with rice, pandesal, and some bottled water. While waiting for our lunch, Pepe and I set up the hammock under the shade of the cabana. Ahhh, so relaxing.

Once our food arrived, we sat at our picnic table to enjoy our fresh steamed crabs. No sooner did we start eating when the company arrived. Two of the cutest beach dogs sat at our feet, staring up at us with those doggy eyes. Of course, we had leftovers. What can I say; Pepe and I are softies for the doggies.

We fed the doggies

So, we began to offer the dogs our leftover bread. The dalmatian took it immediately and was happy. The other one didn’t have the bread. Not the rice either. Smart little guy, he wanted crab. So, I carefully removed the meat from the shells of our leftover crab and hand fed him.

He was a little gentleman and took the food from my fingers without grabbing. Of course, by then, the dalmatian returned for a share. I stood there, deshelling the rest of the crabs, hand-feeding the two of them. After they got their fill, the dalmatian trotted away, but the other one stuck with us.

He grabbed a nap on the cool sand by my feet. We made a buddy for the day. Where ever we went, that dog followed. Pepe and I went for a swim in the gorgeous waters, and that dog followed us and waited on the beach for us. He charmed us all the way.

The dog tried fishing!

As we were relaxing in the water and picking up shells on the beach, all of a sudden, this dog started barking at me and running toward the mangroves. He stopped, came back, barked, and ran again, turning and barking. I got the message and followed.

This adorable little dog went fishing in the mangroves, trying to catch a fish in the shallow waters (probably so I could feed it to him). He stopped every few minutes to see if I was still there, and then boinked and bopped about in the water, following the fish, trying to catch one.

So cute, but a terrible fisherman. He didn’t catch anything. After about 30mins, I praised him for the effort and called him back to the cabana. We stayed another hour or so and packed up for the trip back to Honda Bay.

When we were leaving, this little dog ran down to the outrigger with us to say goodbye, barking all the way, and sat at the shore barking and wagging his tail as our boat left the island. We wished we could’ve taken him with us. But this free soul belongs to a beach, not in a city. I still think about him today.

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