Top 10 Fat Burning Home Workout for Beginners

We all know that training is good for our physical and mental health. Beyond the cardiovascular benefits, physical activity has a positive effect on our mood and makes us happy. That’ s because when we move, we produce serotonin, a natural mood stabilizer. Besides, letting off steam is one of the most effective ways to get out of a sedentary lifestyle and channel your energy. But that’s not all! Exercising is also the ideal partner for losing weight. Thanks to it, we refine our body while boosting our mood!

No need to be the 100-meter champion, or leave your house to exercise and lose weight. You just need to be motivated and regular. Even in small doses, home workout helps to develop physical and mental comfort.

Getting into shape requires not only losing excessive fat but also gaining more muscle. So why wait? You might as well start today a home training program to support your good dietary resolutions.

The best home workout program

Here is a series of home workout to be practiced without moderation to strengthen your figure and help you lose weight quickly. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced weight-loss enthusiast, such home workout can help you burn fat in a fun way or more intensively, depending on your desires.

Burpees without jump


home workout

If you had to choose just one home workout to lose weight, go for burpees! Burpees are a great way to exercise and are a must when it comes to burning off. Moreover, this exercise is included in most weight-loss programs.

Instructions: Start standing, crouch down, then extend your legs backwards to the push-up position, jump forward to regroup your legs again, then stand up. Then the exercise can be made more complicated by putting your torso on the ground or doing an extension jump when you stand up.

Mountain climber

Mountain climber is an effective home workout to burn calories while strengthening your abs and legs.

Instructions: Stand up as if you wanted to do push-ups, then bring your knees alternately towards your chest.

Plank jumping jacks

The plank jumping jacks is a home workout that combines muscular strengthening of the abdominal muscles and energy expenditure. The best way to slim down your body!

Instructions: The starting position is similar to the mountain climber in the push-up position. The workout will then consist of spreading and then tightening your legs quickly to increase intensity. You can also lean on your elbows as if you were doing classic abdominal exercises.

Kettlebell swing

The Kettlebell swing is a great classic in CrossFit. As it mobilizes many muscle groups, this home workout helps burn calories while strengthening the muscles of the posterior chain (hamstrings, buttocks, spine erectors).

Ideally, this exercise should be performed with a kettlebell; however, if you are not equipped, you can perform this movement with a bottle of water, a weighted ball, or a dumbbell.

Instructions: Spread your feet and bend your legs to tilt the pelvis backward. Pass the kettlebell between your legs and then in front of you at shoulder height. Using the hip extension will initiate the movement.

Walking slots

This exercise is interesting for overweight people who want to lose weight because it mobilizes large muscle groups (energy-consuming) with no shock. The joints are therefore preserved, and the thighs and buttocks are muscled.

Instructions: Make slow, controlled lunges in a straight line. Your knee should come close to the ground. Giant steps will emphasize the buttocks and hamstrings, while smaller steps will put more strain on your quadriceps.

Here again, water bottles or dumbbells will be appreciated to increase the intensity of this exercise to lose weight.

Jump Rope

The skipping rope is an ideal home workout to lose weight! It is, therefore, a fitness accessory to get when you want to slim down at home. At two feet, with a bell-foot, backward, at moderate or high intensity, etc.

Squat jumping

home workout

The squat is useful to strengthen your thighs and buttocks. However, when it comes to losing weight, squat jumping is the best choice. Beware, this exercise will not only help you slim down your thighs but your whole body.

Instructions: Do a squat, followed by an extension jump, and so on. When landing the jump, make sure to cushion the fall. To do this, you should land on tiptoes, bending your legs to go straight back to a squat. This will preserve your knees and your back while expending a maximum of calories.

Jumping jack

The jumping jack is an effective and simple home workout to lose weight, easy to integrate into a sports session at home.

Instructions: Start with your feet together, arms at your sides. The exercise then consists of making a first jump by simultaneously spreading your arms and legs, then a second jump by tightening them. This workout can be repeated more or less quickly for a given time or number of repetitions. It is up to you to manage your effort according to your abilities and objectives.

Lunges jumping

Like all exercises that include jumps, lunge jumps allow you to burn a maximum number of calories and thus lose weight. However, this exercise is not recommended for overweight people to preserve their back, knees, and ankles.

Instructions: From the lunge position, perform a tonic jump and cross your legs to land in the lunge position. Repeat these jumps more or less quickly. Are your thighs getting warm? This is normal.


Vacuum doesn’t directly help you lose weight. However, it puts a strain on the transverse muscle, which results in a flatter belly. Therefore, you should integrate it into your training program, especially at the end of the session.

Instructions: Lie on your back. Take a deep breath while tucking your stomach in. Continue to breathe calmly through your nose, keeping your navel pressed down towards the ground. Keep holding the contraction for a few seconds before releasing the pressure by exhaling. Repeat the exercise.

Other effective home workout

Among the best sports to lose weight, running (outdoors or on a treadmill) or trail running are excellent activities, both to lose fat, but also to maintain good health and mood. Depending on pace and weight, running makes you spend between 400 and over 1000 kilocalories per hour!

Even if you are mainly using your legs, running puts all the muscles of the body to work. Unlike popular belief, running is not necessarily harmful to the back. Recent studies have shown that running can even strengthen the intervertebral discs. However, this sport is not recommended for people with joint problems (especially the knees).

Running doesn’t require any equipment other than a good pair of sneakers suitable for running. You can run very well where you live, whether in the city or the countryside, without even getting into a car.