Home Defense Tips

The Supreme Court ruled that the police have a duty to the community at large and not to any one individual. The American Red Cross strongly recommends that Americans prepare themselves for a home invasion. The United States is facing a massive influx of illegal aliens and a banking meltdown.

If there were a trucker strike or widespread terrorism, civil order could become a thing of the past. A home invasion can be met with bold defense or subjugation. Which is preferable? If your home were invaded, could you defend yourself?

Home Defense Weapons

Pepper spray (OC Spray) could irritate an enemy, but you have to stop him. A fighting knife and a claymore may be excellent for John J. Rambo, but the common man requires something simpler. Firearms are simply the best option for modern home defense.

Countries that have outlawed civilian possession of firearms have experienced a rise in home invasions because criminals have nothing to fear from the law-abiding. If not every house represents easy pickings to an intruder, even people without firearms will be protected.

You should first be aware of the legal status of firearms where you live. Morton Grove, Illinois, forbids the possession of handguns by ordinary citizens. New Jersey and New York City have made ownership difficult. Even if you choose to disregard such laws, practicing with an illegal weapon will not be easy.

Home Defense Shotgun

There are several considerations if you are pondering how to win a fight in your home. The first is effectiveness. The weapon must be capable of stopping the threat. People who dwell upon tactics argue endlessly over caliber selection, but the caliber should be sufficient to halt a rabid grizzly bear or zombie horde.

Handguns are the most difficult firearms to use well, so this consideration and stopping power is most likely to lead people to consider a shotgun. Overpenetration is an excellent problem in this field. Walls do not stop bullets.

Home Defense Tips

When you discharge a firearm, you absolutely must be aware of what is behind the target, to prevent injury or death to innocent bystanders in adjacent rooms and houses. The caliber and ammunition chosen can mitigate the problem, but the basic rule is that you should never discharge a firearm if you are unwilling to hit everything that lies behind the target.

Home Defense Shotgun Ammo

The weapon should hold enough ammunition because, in a stressful situation, even a marksman can require more than one shot to bring down his target. If a gun does not function properly when it is needed or if it malfunctions, it is not much use, so reliability is an issue.

Cost is a major consideration for most people, who would not be prepared to consume their retirement savings in preparation for a scenario that will most likely never happen. Effective solutions can be acquired for under $200, including ammunition.

Home Defense Tips

Barring a breakdown of society, the essence of your self-defense techniques is to survive until the police arrive. In the country, this could take as much as an hour. Seeking an intruder is not safe, and you should instead account for all family members and stay in a safe room while covering the door with your weapon.

It is best to have more than one person in a family trained in the use of firearms because you could be distracted by a phone call or similar. Al Qaeda is known to have taken an interest in weapons that produce radiation. A Geiger counter would be handy if such a thing were to be used. They can come in the form of the traditional meter, although other people may not think it looks as cool as you do.

A Geiger counter can also be housed in a very presentable wristwatch for $399.99, an item that has proven highly popular. If a person absorbs radiation, the M291 Skin Decontamination Kit can be used for three complete skin decontaminations. Availability is currently problematic.