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In the beginning there was basic adult entertainment, and it was good. Then a lot of genres start popping up as people explored their many desires. Soon enough, the porn industry started looking at mainstream as a fresh source of material; hence the porn parody is made. It is not difficult to see the appeal in porn parody in the first place. Here you have your famous movie or TV sitcom and then you spin it off and explore the possibilities of those characters letting go of their inhibitions and forgetting their place and just giving in to their passions just because they can. Adult film makers all over the world have looked at the potential of TV sitcoms as porn parody materials. The success of Hustler in creating porn parody should be followed by any hopeful director.

One thing that can get shabby when creating this would be the costume and the plotline. Nothing can turn you off more than outrageously ridiculous renditions of the original characters on screen. It is unnatural enough to find those characters doing various adult themed behavior on screen; you don’t have to make it worse by making them dress up in stupid versions of the original. The least you can do is be faithful to the set and the costume especially is you are making a porn parody of a fantasy movie or TV series. Aside from TV sitcoms, the more famous porn parody is that of award-winning Hollywood films.

For the most part, the title makes the deal. There are clever porn parody titles and there are those that are just, sad. Here are examples of porn parody titles that are clever and funny: The Da Vinci Load – history fans will love this one. Leonardo Da Vinci used his own semen to paint the Mona Lisa. Surprise, surprise. There has been a murder and it will be revealed that an age old secret involving a society who participates in adult themed behaviour in the name of art and all things historical will kill whoever threatens their mission. This movie is definitely one of the more interesting ones you can see in a porn parody.


America’s Horniest Home Videos – for those who like amateur porn and incoherent plot. This title gives you what you need to know in just four words. It’s familiar AND straightforward. Battlestar Orgasmica – it is safe to relate this porn parody to the more famous Star Trek adult videos. Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica surprisingly, cater to different sets of fans. So if this is your cup of tea and you want to have nothing to do with its bigger competitors, then you will feel right at home in this film. Blast From the Pants – pretty much self-explanatory. Expect sci-fi time and space continuum wonders and of course, tight bulging pants.

There are of course other titles like Captain Hooker and Peter Porn, Inspect Her Gadget, Night of the Giving Head and so much more. The limit to a adult film makers ingenuity to turn mainstream media into porn parody is truly astounding.