History of Grand Theft Auto Video Game Series

Grand Theft Auto action adventure gaming series which release 1997 created by Edward Jones Ben and Sam. They are developer of their titles. It is a brand developed by British developed house Rockstar. The name of this game comes from Grand Theft Auto which use in United States for motor vehicle Thief.

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Grand Theft Auto Games
Grand Theft Auto Games

This game used local cities which are so famous for example: London, New York, Barcelona, Las Vegas, California this game based on thug life people think that when they’re playing this game. They have to do which they cannot do in real life. This game is giving you different kind of mission have to complete it.

As we all know this game released in 1997 till to 2019. Rockstar launches many version of GTA such as GTA II, III, IV and V. GTA 5 is the best-selling video game all time and still lots of people playing it. Download and play GTA V on Android. It is based on series introduce 17 version every version is really different and better than before. The approximately 9 billion dollar which shows the success of this game which 13 year Dynasty in the gaming industry somebody know about that game even they played it.

Grand Theft Auto game based on different kind of character for example: Playboy gangster taxi driver ex-police officer etc. Every gaming version has a different mission which you will easily see from the right side of screen you will see there is a map. In map the game is giving you instruction what do you have to do after that every step you are completing which is creating lots of complication and making it more harder that developing your interest. That is why in this developing world this game achieve lots of success and make lots of records.

This game acclaimed and commercially successful n game sold 280 million copies which make a record of fourth highest selling video game franchise in all time after Pokemon franchise. Grand Theft Auto has also been controversial for its adult nature and violent themes.

If we talked about it graphics GTA I to III it was 2D in Fort version the first introduced 3D backgrounds which make it more realistic and people love it so much and they also introduce in PlayStation PlayStation 2 to Playstation 4 Sony Computer Entertainment beheld them to introduce it in PlayStation which make it more popular and enhance the market after the enhancement of the project in 2015 Microsoft accepted for Xbox.