Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt lamps are sure to improve the vibe and energy of your home! Here’s why every house should have at least one Himalayan salt lamp!

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by Zane Baker – Vallhalla Mind

Have you ever seen a a Himalayan salt lamp? I am sure you had to, they are everywhere nowadays, you see them at Bed Bath and Beyond, at Pier Import and other home goods stores.

The other question is, have you used a Himalayan salt lamp? Well, you don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never used a Salt Lamp.

The best way I can describe a salt lamp is that it feel like having an open window that’s letting just the right amount of sunrays. Or as my mom like to call it “Salt Lamp – A Natural Glowing Source of Fresh Energy” A salt lamp is quite a conversation piece so don’t be afraid to own one and show it on your desk, in your family or living room, or even in your bedroom; they are very versatile and can be used at just about anywhere.

Salt lamps are extremely beautiful! Their visual appeal does uplift your mood and your spirit. They come in various colours; they available in white, pink, orange and red colour. The most famous of the salt lamps are Himalayan Salt lamps.

As of lately, the surge in the use of salt lamps has increased across the globe so I want to investigate the validity behind it. Cause they are beautiful was just not enough reason for me to own one so I investigated and found gazillion reasons why they work and how beneficial they are to any household.

While I know that neither you or I have the time to read gazillion reasons, so I condensed this the top reason reasons that you should start using salt lamps.

7 Reasons Why Every House Should Use a Himalayan Salt Lamp


  1. Salt lamps create a soothing surrounding:

Salt lamps come in various sizes and they provide a cosy ambience to any room. Salt lamps are differentiated based on the weight and the colour. The colour of the salt lamp is the personal choice. Some match the room colours and some their favourite colour. When the salt lamps are larger, they have bigger and broader ionisation process. You can decorate the room to have a soothing and pleasant ambience or try to balance the ions by spreading the multiple salt lamps. Having a salt lamp next to the bed also gives you great comfort and if it is an orange salt lamp, then it gives a dim lighting that just enough if you needed some light in your room while asleep.


  1. Salt lamps provide clean air

Himalayan Salt lamps clean the air using a process called hygroscopy. Hygroscopy is the process by which a substance attracts the water from the surrounding environment. When water is absorbed, the impurities in the air are also absorbed and attracted towards the salt. This a great and natural way to get clean and odourless air.


  1. Salt lamps may enable better sleep

In this digital age, we are living in a sea of electromagnetic radiations. Every gadget does solve a human problem but emits a whole lot of radiations. The big corporate and blue chip companies hide the radiation levels that we are exposed to and fail to define the effects of the radiations. Many doctors’ today advice not to have electronic gadgets in the bedrooms since the gadgets emit electronic radiations. Constant exposure to electronic gadgets increases the stress levels and effects sleep. Himalayan Salt Lamps emit negative ions which neutralise the environments by pairing with the radiations. Since the negative ions help reduce the radiation effects, you are bound to get a better sleep.


  1. Salt lamps reduce stress levels

Salt lamps provide the soothing light effect which helps to reduce your stress level. Also, as noted in point # 4, salt lamps enable better sleep, and when the sleep levels are improved, then stress levels are reduced.


  1. Salt lamps increase energy levels


Negative ions generated by the salt lamp are better for the human body. They help to improve the blood flow to the brain which gives you a sharp mind and improves your overall physical health. Many times people sitting in front of the computer feel the fatigue. It is better to keep a salt lamp on your computer desk so that the radiations generated by the computer are reduced and hence your energy level is increased.


  1. Salt lamps are environment-friendly


The natural composition of the lamp makes it environment-friendly. Also, The means through which the lamps are being constructed are quite green as well. Lastly, with the reserves that Himalayan pink salt comes from estimated to last another 350 years at the current rate of mining, this makes salt lamps your choice for an environment-friendly source of lighting.


  1. Salt lamps provide other benefits


As indicated in few points above, salt lamps help to clean the air and in many cases where people are being treated for asthma; salt lamps have helped people with respiratory problems recover from the breathing disorders. In addition, the colour of the salt lamp also plays a major role for our health, like the pink salt lamp stimulates emotions and love. Orange salt lamp helps the nervous systems. Red Salt lamp promotes the blood circulations and strengthens the heart.

If you look closely, it looks like each colour is being made for a specific room in the house, as an example Orange salt lamps are perfect for study rooms. Pink salt lamps can be used in the living rooms or bedrooms and Red salt lamps can be placed in the doorways or dining rooms.