Hiking Water Bottles

It’s very important that you have plenty to drink when you’re hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, cycling, running or getting up to any other outdoor activity . . . plenty of water to drink that is! That’s pretty simple enough for anyone who is just setting off for a day hike, simply fill up your water bottles with clean, fresh water from the nice clean tap at home, pop it into your pack and away you go. What about if you’re heading off into the wilderness for a number of days hiking and camping along the way . . . you ain’t possibly going to be able to carry enough water in your backpack for the whole trip . . . you need at least a couple of liters per day, more if you’re a hot weather hiker.

Hiking Bottle
Hiking Bottle

Let’s see, 1 liter of water weighs about a kilo, so if you need 2 liters per day that 2 kilos, and even if you hike for a long weekend, say 3 days, that’s 6 kilos . . . wow, that would be more than 13 pounds in weight added to your back pack just for the water. That ain’t gonna happen!

Choosing a Hiking Water Bottle

Hikers need water, we’ve established that, so when you’re buying a water bottle from the hiking store you need to think about a few things. Your back pack should have plenty of pockets to carry the water safely on the outside so that it’s easily accessible throughout the day, little and often is the key to keeping hydrated throughout your walk . . . keep on sipping!

We’ve all seen the movies where the cowboys / explorers / numpties who ran out of gas in the desert stumble across a pool and stick their heads into it gulping down the fresh water like they haven’t had any for days . . . often very realistically . . . but in the real world it isn’t safe to do that. We’ve also seen the water holes with the “danger – poison” signs on and the cowboys desperately trying to steer the herd in the opposite direction . . . that’s a little more like it.

They should have had one of those special hiking water bottles . . . what special hiking water bottles . . . I’ll tell ya!

Hikers and backpackers do have to fill up their water bottles at every opportunity along the hiking trail, that makes good common sense (and hikers generally have bucket loads of common sense) but how do you make sure that it’s safe to drink without too much fuss and bother?

Hiking Water Filter Bottles Are the Answer

Hiking water filter bottles are the answer to that question anyway, about how hikers can simply fill up their hiking water bottles from a stream or water hole they come across as they are hiking along the trail, and take a swig!

Fill up your hiking water bottle from a stream, lake or tap, screw on the cap and sip away . . . these specialized filter bottles are designed with an inner microfilter which can eliminate any bacteria and protozoa (the stuff which makes you sick)

This rather clever hikers bottle can also eliminate other contaminants

It will even make the water taste a little better, not quite so “swampy”

You can keep on filling these water bottles for around 150 times before you have to replace the filter and other bits and pieces . . . it’s up to you to think of the best way to keep count . . . maybe if you just count up how many days you spend hiking each year and reckon on filling it up 2 or 3 times per day . . . you probably keep a hiking journal anyway, maybe you should keep a running total in that. Don’t make it complicated . . .

You need a nice flip up mouthpiece so that it’s easy to actually get to the water and take a drink whilst you’re hiking

Of course, if you’ve filled up your hiking water bottle at home before you even set off on your hike, you can take the filter bit out and fit in a bit more water . . . that’s a good idea

Thing To Be Considered

So how about that? A hiking water bottle which fits into your backpack or onto your walking belt which you can fill up along your hike and know that it’s safe to drink the water . . . yes, I think they’ve thought of just about everything!

Yes, that sure was easy . . . thank you!

Hiking Water Bottles – Other Considerations

Other things to consider when you’re buying a hiking water bottle . . . maybe for a day hike which you just want to fill up at home.

Hiking Bottle Volume – standard size of hiking water bottles is generally 32 fluid ounces . . . this will weigh around 2 lbs when it’s full, if you want to cut down on the weight cut down on the size of your hiking bottle but make sure that you don’t run out of water!

Hiking Bottle Design – most water bottles are cynlindrical (well, most bottles are, not just hiking water bottles, except for those fancy triangular ones which you sometimes find along the top shelf of a cocktail bar – Sex on the Beach? – why not!). Some are wide mouthed – quick and easy to fill up, you can drink out of them like you would a normal cup and you can easily pop in some ice cubes to keep the water cool that little bit longer. Some are narrow mouthed – some hikers find it easier to control the rate of pour whilst they are hiking. Push-pull valves are often found on hiking bottles (as well as cycling bottles) . . . stops you from spilling your precious water just so long as you remember to close the valve.

Hiking Bottle Materials – there are a number of different materials used to making hiking water bottles, often rigid or semi-rigid plastics, aluminum, stainless steel. It’s really up to whatever you’re most comfortable with on your hike.