3 Ways To Hide Your Stretch Marks In 5 Minutes Or Less

What if you only wanted to know how to hide your stretch marks? While it’s great to be able to get rid of your stretch marks completely and permanently, there are some situations where all you need is a temporary fix. For example, you’re invited to a gala dinner in a month, and the evening gown – a gift from your husband – exposes the unsightly stretch marks on your underarms.

What are you going to do? Wear another outfit and risk disappointing your hubby? Or find a way to conceal those unsightly lines in the meantime without anyone noticing them? If the latter’s your choice, rest assured there are still various options you can consider.

3 Ways To Hide Your Stretch Marks In 5 Minutes Or Less

Sure, such methods aren’t permanent, and you’ll probably need to apply them from time to time. But if you think of them as a transitional complement while you work on your long term strategy on how to get rid of stretch marks (through Retinod A creams or medical procedures like lasers or cosmetic surgery), they can be a viable consideration.


Well, if you’re in a rush, concealer’s your best bet. You can use normal facial concealers if the area affected is small. But if it’s relatively large, consider getting those that are specifically designed to hide stretch marks.

Regardless of the brand you choose, make sure it’s waterproof so that it doesn’t wear off even when you’re sweating profusely. Smear and spread the concealer gently to ensure that it’s blended well with your skin to hide the stretch marks effectively.

Self Tanning Products

You know sun tanning helps cover up those unsightly lines. But if you’re too shy to go out to the beach and flaunt your stretch marks, don fret. You can still achieve the same sun tanning effect in the comfort of your home! All you need is a self-tanning product, and you’re good to go.

Self-tanning products contain active ingredients that even out your skin tone and camouflage those discolored stretch marks simultaneously. Before applying the self-tanning spray or lotion, exfoliate the stretchmarks area to even out the bumps and use a suitable moisturizer.

Wait for a few minutes for the moisturizer to be absorbed before applying the product in layers. While doing so, make sure you spread or spray the product in circular motions and let it wind dry before employing a second layer.

Clothes & Accessories

What you wear minimizes the amount of concealing you need to do. In some situations, it eliminates them! For example, in the earlier situation mentioned, you can complement your evening gown with an elegant shawl that drapes nicely over your shoulders and upper arms, effectively covering or drawing people’s attention away from the stretch marks.

Instead of getting stuck wearing jeans or long sleeves tops all the time – even in summer, try a capris or knee-length skirt. If you’re itching to go for a swim, consider a mix and match of high neck, boy cut bottoms, or simply just one-piece swimsuits.

Some designs are pretty elegant and fashionable. Now, who said you must wear bikinis to look good on the beach? Pregnancy not only gives stretch marks, but it also gives you acne and eventually blemishes. Learn how to get rid of acne here.