Is Heartburn During Pregnancy Bad

Heartburn in pregnancy is typical, you can expect it to happen as soon as your belly starts growing, and it obstructs the functioning of all your organs in the abdominal cavity. Most women who are pregnant will complain of having heartburn when they hit the second and final trimester of their pregnancy.

It starts from the second trimester

In the second and third trimester, your stomach and esophagus will be pressed by the ever-growing uterus and will, therefore, have a small space to function in. when this happens, the chances of food acid washing up through the esophagus to the mouth can be very large, especially if you haven’t regulated the amount of food you are eating in your pregnancy.

Heartburn during pregnancy

Also, if you eat a lot of food right before you go to sleep, you can expect that you will get heartburn. You will get more heartburns as your uterus enlarges, so you need to take precautions to manage the heartburns.

If you were getting heartburns even before you got pregnant, the reason could well be the kind of food you eat. Keep in mind that if you do not pay attention to heartburn and allow it to go too far, you could get peptic or stomach ulcers, which will be more complicated. Do not eat foods that have a lot of spices in them. It is time to give up the spice if you are always suffering from heartburn.

Don’t eat spicy foods

Reduce the peppers, gingers, etc. There are some specific foods that, despite their nutritional goodness will give you heartburn, e.g. beans potatoes etc. you may not be able to remove them completely from your diet, but you can reduce the intake of these foods so that you do not have heartburn.

Keep a journal of how your body reacts to any reduction or any change in the among and quality of foods you eat. The position in which you sleep could be causing you heartburns. You must sleep with the rest of your body lower than your head.

In other words, you should support your head with pillows. This will also give you a lot of comforts as you progress further into your pregnancy. Place pillows beneath your head and place some others beneath your tummy for the support of your growing tummy. You should also place some pillows in between your legs at the same time.

Eat cautiously!

The manner you eat can also cause you heartburn, so you need to be careful. Wolfing down three large meals every day will cause you a lot of acid reflux, but when you reduce the meals to five or six servings spread all through the day, you will not have acidity and hence you will not suffer from any heartburn.

do not eat late into the evening, just when you are about to sleep since you do not want to be in bed when the digestion process has just started. This is the time when you are more likely to have acidity. You can use some over the counter medication to counter some heartburn as well.