Have Him Begging In Under One Week

Text messages are probably the best way to get boyfriend back and also the easiest way to accidentally drive him away. The key to making it work for you is monitoring what you say, when you say it and how you word it.

You want to come across as the hot and sexy ex he had a lot of good times with and not the whiny, obsessive, crazy ex he is glad he escaped from. So how do you do it? How do you text your ex boyfriend back and have him beg for your attention in less than a week? Read on.

First of all, what NOT to do. Do NOT text him immediately after your break up. Do not send more than two messages without a response. Texting your ex right after the end of the relationship is a bad idea because most likely your emotions are running high and you will just drive him further away as you desperately try to get him to respond to you.

Wait for the perfect moment

You MUST wait for the perfect moment. You MUST be calm and in control of yourself. If you want to get your ex-boyfriend back, you have to be rational. Above all, do not turn into a crazy stalker lady.

The first step is to create the right moment which means you cannot contact him for at least thirty days. No texting, no emailing, no liking his Facebook status, no contact whatsoever. Freeze him out completely.

Have Him Begging In Under One Week

If you are trying to get your ex back, you are probably the one that got dumped and that is why you have to ignore him for an entire month. Make him wonder how you forgot about him so easily. If he tries to contact you, send his call to voicemail, ignore his message, say nothing to his comments.

No matter who dumped who, he is expecting you to go crawling back and beg to be taken back. If you ignore him and say nothing, he is going to be confused. As the days pass, he will start checking his phone for a text from you and getting more and more frustrated when that does not happen.

So let him squirm. Let him see that you read his Facebook message but did not reply. Let your iPhone inform his that you saw the text but never said anything. He will start to squirm and that is the first step to get boyfriend back.

Day One

Once you have ignored him for a minimum of a month, then your seven day plan to get boyfriend back can begin, but be careful. If you ignore him for all that time and then let out all of that emotion you have been bottling up for weeks in one text, it is not going to entice him to come back to you.

You have to start slow. The first text after you have ignored him for so long needs to interesting enough that he feels compelled to respond.

It has to be something more than “what’s up?” or “hi.” Mention something that made you think of him, like a book or a song. Specify that it made you think of him “for the first time” in a long time and maybe mention that it made you smile or miss him. Wait until he responds. Text him back a few times and then tell him you have to go. Do not explain why.

Day Two

Do nothing. Say nothing. Let him think you are still getting used to him being back in your life. If he texts you first, do not text him back immediately. Wait a few minutes and then keep the conversation short and sweet.

Day Three

The next time you text him, the conversation can be longer. Bring up the old days when your relationship was good. Start with something that happened and then link it with an old memory of something fun you did together.

For example, tell him you went out to see the new Marvel movie and and it reminded you of one of the older ones the two of you saw together and the fun you had afterwards. Be specific and make it interesting. At the first sign of a lag in conversation, end it.

Day Four

Now that you have reminded him of how much fun it was to be with you, it is time for a text to incite his jealousy. You have a few options here. You could ask him if it was him you saw out at some club or party. You could tell him about the date you went on last weekend. You could “accidentally” send him a message that was not meant for him. Use your creativity to get boyfriend back.

Day Five

Time to set up a date for the weekend. Mention to him a party that you plan to attend that weekend, or mention that movie that you are dying to see. Then sit back and wait. If you have timed the texts right and been careful with your texts, you get boyfriend back in time for a weekend date.

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