Hand To Hand Combat Tips and Tricks

It is commonly believed that only large gentlemen can hit hard, but this is wholly incorrect. Punching harder is all about technique rather than strength. Possessing large muscles is no bad thing, but strength without good form leads to softer punches, which are a waste of energy. With simple training which includes certain tips, you could easily learn how to punch harder and be a hard hitter.

Since the National Center for Victims and Crime reports that in the United States, an assault takes place every seven seconds and a violent crime every six seconds, you could easily one day end up in a street fight. If that were to come to pass, you would be grateful if you knew how to punch harder.

How To Punch Harder And Faster

Power comes from acceleration rather than speed. That speed must have weight behind it. You should stand with your legs a comfortable one shoulder-width apart and step forward using the foot, which is on the same side as your non-punching arm. Then you raise your arms.

Hand To Hand Combat Tips and Tricks

Bruce Lee is famous for saying that moving your entire body by an inch hits a lot harder than moving your arm by one foot. You have to move your whole body to maximize the impact of a blow. Your aim should be to move everything at the same time and not to move your body a great distance.

If you punch only with your arms, you will never punch with the utmost power. The turning of your hips is the power of your punch. The more your hips move, the more forceful will be the punch.


Tighten the hand with which you punch, as much as possible. Make sure your thumb is outside of your fingers. Concentrate upon your target, and do not guess at the impact point. Hone in on one particular place. If you just punch wildly, you could injure yourself.

Your legs have the largest muscles in your bod,y and so have the most power. With your feet planted solidly upon the ground, launch from your back foot. Your fist ought to collide with its target at that exact moment when your hips, arm, and shoulders are extended to the full. Hit with the two knuckles nearest your thumb, as these are the hardest bones of your hand.

You should stay in your range. A punch is harder when it hits some way short of your maximum reach. Punching from different angles provides the most power, opportunities, and ultimately damage to your opponent.


The trick of how to win a fight is to practice often. You need to develop muscle memory of how the perfect punch feels. Punching bags help, and as you grow comfortable, you can increase speed and intensity. The bag should not be too light. Dumbbells are also helpful if they are heavy enough to make lifting them a challenge. Five or ten pounds is a good place to start, or 15 if you train with weights a lot.

You should jab the air with a dumbbell. The higher you reach, the more of a workout you are conducting. The perfect punch uses many of the muscles in your body, so full-body exercise will be beneficial. Your hips and back are particularly important. Exercises which concentrate on your core will assist you in hitting harder.

How To Protect Yourself

Practicing martial arts or purchasing a firearm can make for useful self-defense techniques, but it can take hundreds or even thousands of dollars and years of practice to achieve competence.

Research by the FBI has shown that at times of life-threatening panic, firing a gun accurately or neutralizing an attacker with intricate martial arts techniques are almost impossible when your heart is racing, blood is going to your body rather than your brain, and you have tunnel vision.