How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Fuller

Let’s be honest! Most women have dreamed about having long healthy hair, at least once in a lifetime! This should not be a dream anymore, as it can come true due to the new technology in hair growth special treatments. So, let’s get started and make some dreams become a reality!

The first question that ever comes into one’s mind is…how to make hair grow faster? Not quite easy, one should say. There is this conservatory belief which says that cutting your hair once in a while can make the hair grow faster than its natural rhythm. Is this a myth, or is it for real?

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Fuller

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

We only know for sure that, for most people, men, and women, hair is genetically thought to grow no more than 5 or 6 inches a year, depending on the given metabolism. It takes an enormous responsibility to maintain your hair at extra dimensions and keep it clear, healthy, and shiny for a long time.

Tips for growing your hair faster

It is essential to love your hair as much as you love your family, plants, pets, and books. If you show care and compassion for this natural wealth of yours, your hair will do nothing but…grow in return, just like you wish to.

To achieve the desired length in the shortest time possible, you have to wash it gently, comb it with tenderness and maximal attention, and, last but not least, don’t forget to daily moisturize the ends with some clever oil like jojoba extract or a protein-based conditioner.

It is also indicated to change your lifestyle and diet, for giving your hair the nutrients that it needs. This way, you are going to make your friends green with envy because of the beauty of healthy hair.

Some people stress the importance of hair growth vitamin, and it’s true. Vitamins have to be in a good relationship with your hair too. Taking supplements can prevent hair loss when combing and contribute to the revival of the scalp, mostly in the wintertime.

Olive oil

Olive oil is also another precious and practical tip for making your hair shiny and soft. Use herbal masks but do not exaggerate with the cosmetics. Massage your scalp only with the tips of your fingers, twice a day, for stimulating the responsible cells in the tissue from which your hair grows.

Avoid as much as you can to aggressively brush your hair, as it might tear it and cause lesions on the sensitive skin all around the head. Excessive washing and cleaning is also a big mistake. This is not an encouraging answer to the question “how to grow hair fast.” It is nothing but some suffocating method of reducing the natural sebum over the scalp, which helps the hair grow and refresh on its own.


Nutrition is critically important in helping the hair grow faster. Eat rich in protein food, fruits, and vegetable and avoid alcohol and smoking. These bad habits are like inhibitors for the fast-growth of your hair. Special shampoos based upon Chinese herbal and exotic extract are proven to be helpful to certain people.

While there is no easy answer to the question “How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster,” it certainly is not rocket science. With a healthy diet, proper lifestyle, and maybe use of hair care products that are suitable for you, you certainly could make your hair grow faster, longer, and more vibrant! Read how to get rid of itchy scalp here.