How to Get Rid of Roaches

Roaches are generally tiny nocturnal creatures that are a pain in more ways than one. Though it never fails to amaze, the fact that no matter where you are in the world, the one thing the place has in common with you is the dreaded roach!!

They are even more annoying in the fact that they can get in everywhere, the tiniest cracks, and there are even albino roaches if you can call them that. Why they have lost their disgusting usual brown or black color is beyond my understanding, but the odd white ones add to the list of creepy crawlies of which the roach ranks highest.

Where they are coming from is the next logical question a person would ask. Do you have any unattended cracks and crevices? The thing is, with an old house, there are invariably a lot of cracks and crevices. Then, you would want to check if there are food items located near the cracks and crevices.

How to Get Rid of Roaches

Even a grain can cause the roaches to come. They do not have a large appetite. You can’t very well block your drains that can prevent rats, but the roaches will slip through.

The evidence of their existence will be in really tiny droppings millimeter large. They are found around food areas or corners, with some brownish slime around it. Note that all of this is on a rather small scale. But if you have lots of them, it will be easier to notice, of course. The following plan of action can help you get rid of the ugly insects once and for all!

Use detergent and water

Ensure that it is very concentrated. The idea is that roaches breathe through their skins, so if the solution touches their heads and underside, it suffocates the roach to death, basically drowning it. But roaches being determined to survive critters, they are may revive once the water has dried off if it did not touch the belly and head completely. So do so effectively and repeat this every day and then every week for some time according to your results.

Get a spray can

Not the ones that are available at all outlets, those are just not concentrated enough to do away with all the roaches. Look for killers with chemicals like cypermethrin; these are almost always effective. Spray into corners after removing all the products from the areas and let it do its work.

As these are professional products, they have the effect of allowing the roach to carry it back to its nest and pass it onto other roaches. This effect lasts for a couple of months.

Liquid pesticides

They can be diluted with water and used to wipe down any surface or mop the entire area. This should be done repeatedly every couple of weeks to ensure maximum effect.

Natural methods

Without the use of pesticides, natural methods do not eliminate the problem but are effective in reducing the number of them. Using eucalyptus oil, strong-smelling coffee beans, and naphthalene balls in corners are some alternatives.

Finally, nothing scares creepy crawlies away like a good clean home, so keep your pantries clean, your dustbins tightly sealed, and your table counters and corners lemony fresh, and this should prevent a re-infestation. Also, keep in mind that any leaky areas are a cause for great attraction to roaches, so have those taps repaired as soon as possible if you have to.

Spots like the stove area where grease can accumulate in corners are to be cleaned thoroughly as well. Following the above tips is generally sufficient; if it is not, call an exterminator at once. Find out the reasons and then maintain the cleanliness, and you will be devoid of roaches.