How to Get Rid of Pudding Stains

Pudding is a messy thing to remove from your clothing. The stains are such that it dries up quickly, causing more trouble while cleaning. Pudding is, generally, a very messy and sticky food to consume. While eating pudding can be so much fun, the stains that it can leave on your clothing can be a pain to clean.

To avoid stains on your clothing, you must eat carefully without spilling the food. However, stains do occur because none of us watch our food while we eat. Even the slightest of disturbances can let it slip from the mouth, causing it to spill on cloth.

It’s a daunting task!

While you might think, getting rid of pudding stains can be quite an easy task, it is not so. Though, drying up of the pudding stain can make matters worse. When you have accidentally left it to dry for a few hours, the stain removal process becomes even more hectic. But there are methods to remove pudding stains in whatever state they exist.

How to Get Rid of Pudding Stains

The best time to remove pudding stains would be when it is still fresh and slimy. The cloth does not absorb the stains entirely in the first few minutes after the stain is caused. So soil the area that is stained as soon as possible. Soak the cloth area that is stained in cold water for about ten minutes.

Doing this should completely remove the stain from the clothing. But if it persists in sticking onto the clothing, apply detergent gently on the cloth. On applying the detergent, soak the fabric in cold water for about half an hour. Make sure the dirty area is well applied with the detergent you use.

Every five to ten minutes, rub the stained area with your fingers. Add a gel or stain remover stick to the unclean spot on the cloth. Repeat the steps continuously till the pudding stain vanishes. Read instructions before applying the detergent and the spray. Most of the stains vanish from the fabric this way.

Dried up stains cause more problems

Pudding stains cause a lot of problems when they dry up. It does not take longer than thirty minutes for its drying up. It sticks to the cloth, causing a heavy stain. The color of the fabric can be under the scanner if the stain is allowed to dry up.

Firstly, remove the excess stain flakes on the cloth. Use a spoon, a dull knife, or any non-sharp object to remove the excess pudding from the fabric. The use of sharp objects can cause dents on the cloth. So make sure the blunt objects are used carefully without ruining the fabric.

Now, after the initial removal of the stain, run some detergent on the affected area and soak it in cold water for about twenty minutes. Keep rubbing the area every five to ten minutes without fail.

Stain removal stick

Use a stain removal stick or a gel to remove the stain altogether. Feed it into a washing machine finally. If the dirt persists on the cloth, try out different detergents and gels. Keep rubbing until you see the stain vanish. Rewash if the stain refuses to disappear.

Things you should remember while washing the cloth to remove stains: Never use hot water for soaking the fabric. Hot water cooks the protein content in the pudding, thus making the stain harder to remove. Protein is the one that demands treatment first.

So hot water should never be used. Warm or average cold water is desirable. While using the detergent, make sure it is a color-safe detergent. Sometimes detergents and gels can change the color of clothing. Read about Pen Ink stain removal and Mayonnaise stain removal.