How to Get rid of Neighbor’s cats in my yard

There is an overpopulation of cats because nobody takes the time and care to make sure that these animals can’t reproduce and will sometimes purchase animals without realizing they are not able to take care of an animal and don’t bother to take them to the humane society.

People drop them off on country roads, causing these cats to look for shelter in the nearest barn or dumpster, and somebody else is always left with the responsibility to watch for these animals. Cats must be taken care of early, or else they may form a pack of feral cats that are a danger to humans as they are violent and fearful of people yet live close to them.

Prevention by Securing Possible Shelter

There are several avenues to take, but the first thing that must be dealt with is prevention. Cats are intelligent animals and will be able to find any available opportunities for food and shelter. Seal up all barn openings, including broken windows, holes in the side, open doors, and any other small openings. It can be surprising to see how cats can squeeze themselves through the smallest hole, but it is possible, so don’t cut corners.

Prevention by Securing Trash Bins

Trash bins are like The Golden Corral for opportunistic kitties. They can smell the feast from far away and will find a way into dumpsters if there is one. Restaurants usually have packs of feral kittens by their dumpsters because they often throw out unwanted food and fail to seal up their garbage correctly.

How to Get rid of Neighbor's cats in my yard

If the garbage is not sealed up, it may be a positive thing to have cats living there as rodents won’t be able to survive there and potentially spread the disease to customers and employees. Remember to seal up garbage in animal-proof bins and lock them tightly.

Some restaurants even have fenced-in areas for their dumpsters, but this is usually for decoration as it is challenging to create a fence high enough that a cat can’t climb. For home trash cans, most stores have animal-proof trash bins with locks for cats and raccoons. Never allow an open bag to sit because cats will stay where the food is coming from.

Safe Eradication

Humane treatment is the route that must be taken to eradicate cats from their squats on others’ property. Call animal control so that the professionals can take care of the problem. Cats may have illnesses such as rabies that can hurt people is bitten or scratched, so never do something that can be handled by trained professionals.

Never feed the cats either. Sometimes, if a cat finds he can’t find food at a particular place, he will leave to find another place with food. If fed even once, the cat may not go for weeks.

Do not worry about the fate of a cat once taken to animal control. Remember that it is for the better as the cat may suffer a slow death if not taken to a local shelter or put down humanely.

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