How to Get Rid of Armpit Hair

Most of us enjoy wearing short-sleeved clothes or clothes without sleeves. But while wearing such clothes, it is of utmost importance that our armpits are clean. It is a common myth that it is the armpit hair which produces a smell. However, it is not the armpit hair but the sweat glands which are responsible for this smell. There are several ways in which one can get rid of armpit hair. Removal of armpit hair is, quite obviously, more common in women than in men.

Common Methods for Getting Rid of Armpit Hair

Some of these methods are permanent, whereas some are not. Some are expensive, while others hardly cost anything. But one thing common to all these methods is that it requires a lot of patience.

How to Get Rid of Armpit Hair


By far, the most inexpensive technique to remove hair from the underarms is to shave. This method is also the most common. It is not very time consuming either. All one needs to shave is an appropriate shaving gel or foam and a razor.

Both are readily available in the market. If in case foam or gel is not available, even shampoo can be used. It is to prevent the skin from getting razor burns. However, shaving is not permanent, and the hair grows back in a day or two.

So it is necessary to repeat the process at regular intervals. Another disadvantage is that the underarms become dark as the razors trim the hair to the surface of the skin. Despite these disadvantages, this is the most common method used.

Hair removal tools

This category boasts of the most number of options. A lot of products are available in the market, most of which claim to remove hair permanently. The Epilator is a gadget that resembles an electronic razor.

It can remove even the smallest of hairs often missed by other hair removal techniques. Another product is the electric hair removal pad. These rotate the hair in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction, thereby effectively removing the armpit hair.

Battery-operated electrolysis devices are small and portable. They pass an electric current through the hair, thereby making the process of hair removal almost painless. Yet another device is the tweezers. The modern-day tweezers are built to be very fast and make hair plucking painless as well.


It is a very effective way to remove hair not only from the armpits but also from other parts of the body. It can be done by oneself, or one can get a cosmetologist to do the same. It involves applying a layer of heated wax on the part of the body where the hair has to be removed.

Then a thin piece of paper cloth is pressed against the wax, and in a sudden violent movement, it is removed. This process helps to remove hair and dead skin. A significant advantage of waxing is that it takes a while for the hair to grow back. However, it is excruciating. So if you are willing to bear the pain, then it is recommended that you go for waxing!

Cosmetic & laser surgery

Of the above-mentioned techniques of hair removal, this is the most expensive method. It is, however, a permanent way of removing armpit hair. This method is not at all painful as it involves laser technology. All you need to do is go to a good cosmetic studio and be willing to shell out a lot of money!

Once that is done, you can come out with the hair from your underarms removed permanently. Read our article on removing pubic hair here.