How to Get Rid of Ants

Spotting ants in your home is an alarming situation that calls for immediate action. If you procrastinate and avoid the situation, things are going to get worse very quickly. The ants will swarm your house in search of food; if they find it, they’re going to make your home their home in no time.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Whenever there is old food or sugary liquid left out, ants are sure to follow. They’re especially attracted to dried up fruit juices, old fruit and vegetables, and even little specks of meat and other dishes that are consumed daily. They’ll feed on anything ranging from a whole vegetable to a tiny crumb in the corner of your kitchen that you can barely see; this is why it’s crucial that you keep your kitchen clean.

The best way to keep your kitchen clean and free of ants is to clean up after you prepare or cook food regularly. This way, you’ll ensure that you’re getting rid of any leftover food particles or crumbs right away, giving the ants no chance to find any food.

How to Get Rid of Ants

In addition, you should maintain a regular cleaning schedule when it comes to your kitchen. A full cleaning should be done once every week and should include mopping the floors with bleach/cleaning solution, wiping down countertops, and cleaning off cabinets and other appliances.

Store Food Correctly

Storing your food correctly in airtight containers is going to keep your food fresh and the ants away. There should not be any dirty dishes, standing water or food in the sink, because that’s an easy way to bring out the ants. Any vegetables or fruit left lying out on the countertop should be OK until they start to spoil; once this happens, discard them immediately and take out the trash.

Covering Ant Tracks

When you see an ant wandering in search of food, you must not let it reach the colony. Once they find a food source, they’ll head back to the colony and alert the rest of the ants – that’s when they’ll swarm all over the place. Your best bet is to kill the ant and cover-up its tracks with a bleach solution so the other ants cannot trace the trail.

Seal up Windows and Doors to Keep Ants Out

You can further protect your home from ants by sealing up the windows and other spaces where they can potentially get in. Ants are small and will typically be able to find some way in no matter how good a job you do of sealing, but there’s no sense in making it easy for them.

Use Cornmeal to Kill Ants

Cornmeal might interest a lot of you as it is not poisonous and works as an effective repellent against ants. When the ants eat cornmeal, it works by swelling in their digestive systems, which causes them to die. The other substances that act as repellents to ants are vinegar, peppermint oil, cinnamon, black pepper, and bay leaves.

These all will prevent the ants from coming into your home. You should try them all out and test which remedy works the best at getting rid of the ants – sometimes one will work better than another depending on the species of ants you have in your home.

Boric Acid and Ant Bait

The most common product used to control ants is boric acid. Make a mixture with one cup of warm water, a half cup of sugar, and two tablespoons of boric acid. Then you can soak the cotton balls into that solution and place them near the trails. Just be sure that you are not using it if you have kids at home, as boric acid can be harmful to humans.

For the most common ant bait, you can use a sweet ant base mixed with Borax, which contains boric acid. The other bait that you can use is protein-based ant bait, which comes in granular form and is used to kill the ants in your yard before they get a chance to go inside your home. Keep your house insect-free, read how to get rid of Spider mites.