Here’s how to Get Rid of Age Spots

If you have an unpleasant age spot that you want to get rid of and have beautiful skin then there are several procedures and treatments available. You can choose the treatment that is suitable for you depending upon the severity of your condition, What results do you expect after the treatment?

How much money you are willing to spend on it? and how fast do you want to get rid of your age spots? To help you select what’s best for you, let’s take a look at the available options.

Home remedies

Home remedies are a great way to get rid of age spots and can be done using things that you can find right in your kitchen or at least very easily in your grocery store. Home remedies involve using substances like lemon juice, yogurt, buttermilk, apple cider vinegar, onion juice or tomato juice, aloe vera, etc.

Applying these or a combination of these products to the age spots every day can help fade them. This might take 6-8 weeks to show results and may not completely eradicate the problem. But these are natural remedies and usually won’t have dangerous side-effects. Also, it would help you to get rid of your condition at a very less cost.

Here's how to Get Rid of Age Spots


If you have very light spots you may fade them using an over the counter fade cream containing 2% hydroquinone solution. This treatment fades the age spots but makes skin even more sensitive to the sun making the age spots come back. Using hydroquinone is more effective for fair-skinned people as it may cause the age spots to become darker in dark-skinned people.

It also may cause ochronosis, which is black specking in the skin in dark-skinned people. Using creams with having more than 4% hydroquinone solution may irritate the skin. There are also other bleaching creams with other active ingredients like Retin A, Retin B, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), etc.

Laser treatment

This is a very effective and quick way to get rid of age spots. It is done using either Intense pulsed light (IPL), which emits light of multiple wavelengths or laser, which emits light of a single wavelength.

The laser is more effective in removing old thickened age spots and discrete lesions, while IPL is used to remove discoloration over a wide area. It is a very expensive treatment and may need anywhere between $700 – $5000. It may take two to three sessions to remove the age spot and have the desired results.


This procedure kind of rejuvenates the top layers of skin. In this method creams having abrasive particle and crystals are passed on the skin to sand it down. The skin becomes smoother and dark spots get removed. The price for this may vary from $100 – $400.

Chemical peel

This involves applying a chemical solution directly to the skin. The type of the solution and the method of application depends upon the depth of the peeling required. Chemical peels react with the skin and increase cell turnover, which gets peeled off in a few days.

It removes hyperpigmentation and dark spots and also makes the texture of skin smooth. This may cause skin irritation after the treatment. Alpha hydroxy acid(AHA), Beta hydroxy acid (BHA), kinase, Retin A, etc maybe some of the ingredients used in these peels. The price for this ranges between $600 – $900.


In this procedure, abnormal and unwanted skin cells are destroyed and removed by freezing them. The freezing agent is applied directly to the skin with a swab or spray. The price for this could vary from $300 – $2000

Even after all these treatments, the age spots may come back if proper care is not taken. In fact, some of the harsh treatments make your skin more sensitive and prone to age spot forming. To avoid them from coming back you should minimize your exposure to sun, exercise and have a healthy diet.

Avoiding skin exposure to strong sunlight is a big step towards preventing age spots. If you have to go in the sun you can cover up the skin by wearing full-sleeved clothes, large brimmed hats, and big framed dark eyeglasses. You should also use a very good sunscreen with an SPF 15 or above. If you are going to be out in sun for a long time you can use a sunscreen lotion with SPF 50.

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet that provides all the vitamins and minerals is very important for keeping the skin young and supple. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements is also recommended if you think you are missing some essential nutrients in your diet. Also, you should avoid oily, junk and processed food.

Exercising regularly keeps the body healthy and hence also helps for keeping the skin young. Doing a 30-minute session of cardio every day would keep the blood pumping and improve blood circulation giving the skin a lovely glow, slowing aging and preventing age spots from coming back.