How to get rid of adware from your PC permanently

It is common knowledge that Adware can have a detrimental effect on your computer. This can get detected by many telltale signs, like your PC running slow, advertisement pop-ups, unfamiliar toolbars in your browser, strange programs in the startup, etc. These adware programs become a hassle and have the potential to damage your computer in a variety of ways. You would like your computer to be free of Adware. Getting rid of adware from your computer is the purpose of this article.

Two ways to remove adware

The problem of removing adware from your computer can be approached in two ways. It can be removed manually, or with the help of an anti-adware program. The manual method of removal is akin to giving first aid treatment. However, in severe circumstances, it is advisable to use one of the adware removal programs.

If luck favors you, it may be possible for you to remove the adware manually from your computer. But here it may so happen that malicious adware may not show up in the list of programs. Where the adware program can be seen in the list of programs, its removal can be done by uninstalling the program. If your computer runs on windows, the adware can be removed easily in this way- you go to the control panel, via settings, and by clicking on the add/remove icon.

From Control panel

When the application window opens, you will see a list of installed programs. Now you click on the program you feel is the adware and then click on the remove button. The uninstall procedure will be set in motion by this. When the uninstall process is over, you must restart the computer to see the outcome.


Removing adware manually is, however not the best remedy. There is a chance that you can not be sure that the program you are uninstalling is the nuisance adware. By error, some other important program may get uninstalled and not the adware. Secondly, the adware may not show up on the list. Lastly, even if you, fortunately, are successful in removing the offending adware, it may leave behind some remains of the malicious program. As such, the manual method is not the right answer to “how to remove adware?” Problem.


However, the best way to eradicate adware is to use the adware cleaner. This is also called an anti-adware program. This program should not be confused with the anti-virus program as it differs considerably from it. To free the computer of adware, it is the best option that is available. Only you have to ensure that it is the latest version that you are using. In case one is already installed on your computer, see to it that it has the latest updated version because the older versions will fail to recognize and remove the new adware programs.

Having installed it on your computer close all the other applications and also disconnect the internet if necessary and run the program. Now press the scan button of the form and wait till the scanning process is complete. Next, press the ‘immunize’ Button or such a similar alternative is given in the program. This procedure will make sure that your computer is free from adware for the present and future also. Then restart your computer and repeat the scan. This procedure should be repeated about 2-3 times to make sure that the adware is finally eradicated from your computer.

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