Best Position To Get Pregnant With A Girl

These types of disorders could be resolved simply by correct positioning during lovemaking. A lot of experts state that the traditional missionary position is still the best position to get pregnant. The woman should lie on her back, legs spread and knees bent and the man will be atop her.

Change positions

You can take up versions such as putting your knees on the spouse’s shoulder blades or perhaps stretching one or both hip and legs. Doctors recommend the missionary posture as the best way to get pregnant since it allows full sexual penetration, and as you’re face up, your cervix is set at an angle downwards, making it more straightforward for your sperm to get into the cervix and womb.

Best Position To Get Pregnant With A Girl

Actually, a tilted uterus is not considered an abnormality. It’s a physical deviation, similar to having black rather than brunette hair, or dark brown rather than the blue eye. The majority of the women’s uterus is pointed to the bladder. Regarding backward tilted or retroverted womb, the point of the point towards the backbone.

If a woman is trying to get pregnant, her uterus’ angle should not be a problem, according to fertility experts. However, a retroverted uterus can be a manifestation of endometriosis or swelling from the pelvis, which may impact virility.


Endometriosis can block the fallopian tube make it impossible for the egg to meet the sperm cell. If you have a retroverted uterus, talk to your physician should there be a reason. You should be healthy and not have problems getting pregnant if you don’t have this.

There are positions on how to get pregnant fast. The doggy-style or the rear entry position is one of the best, if not the best position to get pregnant. Using this type of position, the actual semen is lodged closest to the cervix, thereby increasing the likelihood of conception.

Another good position is the side-by-side; having sex while you’re lying side by side with your partner will maximize the exposure of the cervix to the sperm. A strategy to provide the cervix’s highest visibility is simply by raising the hips.

Shettles technique

You can put a pillow on your backside. It will assist you to assist in the sperm’s quick and successful connection with the egg. Uterine contractions or orgasm can help the sperm to move closer to the fallopian tube.

Industry experts claim that you’ll be able to determine the sex of the baby while conceiving. Deep penetration will make it possible for you to conceive a boy. The study proves the Y or male sperm cell is better and can swim quicker than the X or female sperm. The nearer you put in the sperm on the egg, the higher the likelihood of male sperm to fertilize this. Twelve hours before you ovulate is the perfect time for you to have sexual intercourse.

Partners who want a little princess may follow the Shettles technique. Because X sperm stay for a more extended period, conceiving needs to be right after the regular monthly period. You’re furthermore suggested to have early or avoid orgasm when attempting to conceive with a girl. Here’s an awesome article to read if you want to conceive twins.