On What Days After Your Period Can You Get Pregnant

Although your menstruation is commonly believed to be a “safe” period in your periodic cycle, you can still get pregnant while you are on your menstruation. This truth is basically due to the fact that special women make extremely short cycles, which get their ovulation to come shortly subsequently their periods.

For these adult females, ovulation comes just after they are on their period, which increases their danger of maternity. You bottom only get large on your full point if the egg that your personify released is existing, or if the sperms manage to rest until the eggs are in that location.

Sperms can live for days!

Sperm have the signal ability to positive for a lot of days exclusive of the distaff body, which is wherefore you fire get significant on your menses. Semen is equipped with food for the spermatozoon, so they take the energy to make it for a while.

This impressive biological fact ways that your uterus actually gets flooded on an otherwise day than when you experienced sexual intercourse. That sounds strange, simply it is true!

On What Days After Your Period Can You Get Pregnant

If you make blue intercourse spell you are on your menstruation, and the sperm stays alive for a few solar days inside of you, and then you ovulate patch the spermatozoon is still there, you can and will get overfull on your menstruation.

It is important to remember that this is an unusual order of events in your uterus, so that is wherefore it isn’t average to get heavy on your geological period. Some women can non actually get full on their menstruum, but others, due to the clocking of their menstruum or the floating nature of their ovulation, can get it on their geological period.

Care about the period

There is not a hot way to tell whether you can get glutted on your period of time unless you get already gotten full in the past while on your time period. In this subject, you would live that the response is “YES!”

The lesson is that you should care about your period. It is important to continue to use your birthing control method acting during this prison term if you are non trying to get pregnant. If you are on the expect control oral contraceptive or a vaginal endocrine ring that is far during catamenia, you are still continued while on your geological period.


The hormones do not leave your dead body in that menstruation of sentence, as rich as you use your method acting as directed. And deliver control oral contraceptive pills cannot protect you from sexually transferred infections or HIV, so expending condoms at all multiplication is a smart idea.

Even though you are improbable to get significant in your time period, you still have the same risk of contracting a sexually transmitted transmission, including HIV.