Get your Small Business Organized

You’re a small business owner who very possibly might run an office right out of your home, so you know that time is indeed money, and that every second you’re working quickly and efficiently counts towards the success of your livelihood.

That means that the more organized you are, the more efficient you’ll be, and you’ll find your business booming instead of drooping as you spend countless precious moments (which add up to countless precious hours) running around wildly trying to whip your office into shape. To keep you from pulling your hair out and to keep reeling the dollars in, here are a few tips to keep get your business organized fast:

Keep your office clean!

Start by keeping your desk or your office clean! That means keeping your files updated and neat and organized. Replace anything that is torn or messy. You should also develop a labeling system to keep your files separated and their contents obvious. You can do this by being as specific as you can when creating the labels.

Get your Small Business Organized

You might also use a system of color-coding. And remember: alphabetizing has been a popular organizing principle for thousands of years! Why reinvent the wheel? Lighting is also essential when considering your efficaciousness. Making sure your office is comfortably well-lit will help you keep it spic and span.


Technology is marvelous, and it makes organizing marvelously easy. Your smartphone, iPad, or your everyday laptop will all have a multitude of calendar possibilities. Sync them so that you are using only one calendar. If you are responsible for multiple clients, consider color-coding them as well.

Are you overwhelmed by information?

Are you attempting to juggle all your accounts, clients, opportunities, and responsibilities in your head? Refer back to Suggestion #2, and remind yourself that technology is marvelous. Companies like Google provide many apps and programs that work together to keep you more streamlined and efficient.

You can also turn physical documents into PDFs by scanning them and uploading them onto your computer. Google Docs provides a way for secure file sharing, and the information won’t be lost if the hard copy is.

Give yourself some room!

As you are keeping your physical files organized, you will need a place to keep them that is accessible and roomy. If your desk isn’t big enough or won’t accommodate all the files and boxes you need to be stored, consider buying inexpensive plastic drawers that will stack neatly and allow you to access the paperwork you need when you need it. These drawers are affordable and can be purchased at stores such as Target.

Don’t lose yourself in a jungle of wires.

Security asset labels can be used to identify any asset used for maintenance or purposes related to the operation of your business. You can purchase Loop Lock Asset Labels that are made of tear and tamper-resistant plastic, and that will loop easily around the wires for easy identification, saving you time and money in the long run. If you’re just starting out, read this awesome article on building a successful business.