German Hotel Booking

Germany is the country where the tourist season lasts all-year-round, and this is not occasional as it is considered the most beautiful country in Central Europe. Germany has much influenced the history of the continent. From Charles the Great and the Holy Roman Empire to Otto von Bismarck, Nazism, erecting and destruction of Berlin Wall, no other nation has influenced the state of public mind and policy in Europe.

Tours to Germany will turn the fairy to reality and will help you to spend your best vacation: multiple and single trips, skiing rest, sanitation and recovery at resorts, expositions, and fairs, excursions to unique sights, theme parks and many other. The rest in Germany will be very comfortable due to the high level of economic development, cozy and beautiful cities, a variety of services in the places of rest.

German Resorts

Magnificent German resorts Bath Mergentheim, Bath Orb, Wiesbaden, Baden-Baden, and others are situated at the foot of the Alps and are big round the year. Ancient Roman bathhouses on extinct volcanoes with healing mineral water, thermal spas, different types of massage, cosmetic and air therapy and highly qualified medical care this is what any German hotel provides. This is why thousands of tourists from all over the world choose Germany to rest in.

German Hotel Booking

In summer or winter, spring or fall, different regions of Germany are always ready to please you with wonderful German Hotels and splendid cuisine. You can quickly get to any part of the country due to a highly developed network of railway lines and highways, international and national airports.

German Beer

The palette of Germany tourism opportunities is infinite, whether a short term rest during a business trip, fascinating familiarization with cultural values in the very heart of Europe, or a family vacation full of diverse impressions. However, this is just the beginning, for when it comes to German castle hotel, you dip into the ancient atmosphere and centuries-old traditions.

Speaking about Germany, we should not forget about the divine German beer. Annually in Munich, one holds a globally known festival Oktoberfest that gathers pint-pots from the globe. Despite all the stiffness characteristics of Germans, it is hardly ever dull here: each spring, numerous carnivals spread throughout the country.

Fireworks shows

For example, from May until September, one holds the most lasting fireworks show that can be seen in such cities as Rein as Bonn, Dsseldorf, Cologne, and others. You can find out more about the dates of feasts and events from a German hotel movie that some hotels release.

Germany offers not only sheer excursions but also ski resorts with up to date ski routes, as well as rest on the crystal pure lakes of Bavaria. Add the top-notch German service, hospitality, and friendliness of Germans, and You will desire to visit Germany time and again, and each time it will open its new facet!

Hotel Savoy

Some people may not like this hotel, some will remain indifferent they say in the south the level 4* – is always much better than in Europe. This German hotel is a remarkable place to stay in Frankfurt. The hotel is merely imbued with the air that you have come to the city of businesspersons.

To begin with, the hotel is easy to reach from the airport. Having arrived at the large Frankfurt airport and having rented a car, right from the parking, you drive out to B43, which gradually passes into B44. At that very same moment, you will see the giant billboards of SAS and Lufthansa airlines put on the face of the hotel.

Right in front of the hotel, there is parking, if no places underground parking is at your service. Everything is much simpler for those who travel by train the railway station is just opposite the hotel. Coming into the hotel, you may come across the crowd of people celebrating some event.

At that, when coming down in ten minutes, nothing of this maybe not there as if nothing took place ever. All the people just disappeared. Most probably, some local Afro-American will see you to your room and should not forget to give him the tips.

Afro-Americans to your aid!

You may find some adventures in the shower, pull the door, and it will slip or turn the water on, and then tap will fall off. At that, all of this is fixed in two moves as a constructor. You will not need to call anybody to fix that. In the restaurant, we were pleased with the abundance of the cold table, and waiters service strong dark-skinned afro-Americans with bodies of boxers but dressed in red camisoles and towers over the arm.

Polite and friendly guys, I should note. The nearest foot-path, skyscrapers, clubs, and other entertainment facilities are into the distance. All the conveniences are at hand.

Hotel Rossija (3*) The hotel is situated in the downtown of Frankfurt am Main, a hundred meters away from the central railway station, 500 meters away from the international exhibition center, 15 minutes walk from the center of the town. In the evening, you can visit “red-light street.” Read our tips on saving money on your travel trips.