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If you have a garage door opener set up at your house and you want to make it even easier and safe for you and your family to use your garage door to enter and leave the house, a keyless entry garage door opener system may be just what you need. The garage door has taken on the role of a second front door for a lot of homeowners since it alleviates the need to locate your keys every time you want to enter and exit the house, not to mention you don’t have to wonder if the front door was locked behind you. A keyless entry system works along with with the current garage door opener rather than replacing it altogether so you do not need to buy a new garage door opener as well. A keyless entry system is fairly inexpensive compared to a new garage door opener and can provide an extra layer of security. If you forget or misplace your garage door opener or even if the battery fails in your garage door opener remote, you won’t be at a complete loss to open your garage door from outside.

If you already utilize the garage door as your front door, there are numerous great benefits to having a keyless entry system for your garage door opener. The keypad can readily be installed on the outer garage door jamb so all you need to do is hit a few keys to open your garage door. To make your keyless entry system secure, you can enter a unique code that only you and your family members have, so that your garage door will not be operable without the code. For certain cases where you need to allow someone into your home to make a delivery or to do work in your home, a temporary code can be set up just for them. You will not need to give them a key that could possibly be misplaced or even worse, copied. While a keypad provides a good level of security, a fingerprint scanner can be even better if you would prefer not to have to remember a code. The fingerprint scanner can be programmed with a given number of fingerprints, so every family member can still open the garage door without needing to remember a code. This also solves the problem of having a code for a keypad given to someone else.

Even if you have an older garage door opener, you should still be able to use a keyless entry system. Many keyless entry systems that are intended for universal use with any garage door opener brand name will work with garage door openers manufactured after 1993. Additionally, there are numerous excellent keyless entry systems designed specifically for each garage door opener brand name. These typically are intended to use the “rolling code” feature included in many garage door openers, ensuring that your keyless entry system will not be misused by hacking into the signal it transmits to the garage door opener.

Another bright side to a keyless entry system is that they are generally quite easy to install. They are typically wireless, run off a small battery and use one or two screws to attach them to the garage door jamb. This makes them very easy to install for a do-it-yourself homeowner as there is no requirement to deal with installing a wire or working with electricity. In addition, keyless entry systems often have a waterproof cover to stop them from being disrupted or shorted out by inclement weather. Other handy features that are often included with various keyless entry systems are a backlit keypad for nighttime and a temporary locking feature that disables the keypad after a certain number of bad entries.

A keyless entry system definitely offers many benefits that can make your garage door opener even easier to use, making it a great investment. If you need help choosing the best keyless entry system for your garage door opener, we advise contacting a local garage door repair company for help. They will have the necessary experience to make a solid recommendation that you can rely on.

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