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REACH Panel: The Future of Gaming

On October 24th, Cross Campus hosted a panel discussion titled, Disruptive Technologies Impacting the Future of Gaming. It’s part of REACH, a quarterly event by TechZulu and Gadget Review. I attended mainly because the moderator of the panel was our very own Scot Rubin, founder of AllGames. I planned on simply hobnobbing with the boss …

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Uplink: Hack Your Heart Out (The Legal Way)

Uplink, released in 2001, was a cult hit computer game that put you in the shoes of a “Hollywood hacker” — think WarGames or Swordfish. The entire game plays out in a computer console, with the storyline communicated via in-game emails and the atmosphere enhanced by tense music and simple bleeps signifying how close you …

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Google Apps

Sync Your Life: Student Edition

The life of a student can be very chaotic at times. Luckily, there are some excellent apps that are perfect for keeping track of your daily life. While each app has its own benefit individually, they’re even more powerful when used in combination with each other to achieve seamless organization of events, assignments, notes, and …

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Apple’s Next Generation Smartphone

With a Release Date Rapidly Approaching for Apple s Next Generation iPhone, We Scour the Net For the Latest In Rumors and Speculations We are rapidly approaching what many consider to be a pivotal position in Apple s never-ending battle for consumer technology dominance. I m talking about the impending release of the tech-giant s …

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Android Phone

Apps That Can Protect Your Android Phone

Making your Android phone safe must be a central concern. You have loads of valuable data that’s stored on it. No one wants their personal information getting in the hands of the wrong person. You also don’t want to spend more on a replacement phone. You then need to re-enter every data on this new …

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Apple Deals 1


What Does Apple’ s Presence In the Classroom Mean for the Future? With Apple selling nearly twice as many iPads and Macs this past quarter to educational institutions, it begins to paint a picture of what Apples are being used for. Computers and peripherals make great educational tools, and Apple products fit into that scope …


Windup Knight


Despite having reviewed the running-genre game NinjaGo just a few weeks ago, I came across another “runner” that was just too good to pass up. WindUp Knight is a beautiful, entertaining, and in-depth action adventure side-scroller with addictive gameplay. This little gem comes from Robot Invader, a relatively new name in the world of iOS …


Nvida Gpu Ai

Best Android Solutions Get Tips to Install, Rooting, And Trick About Android Phone

GPU virtualization Nvidia has announced an upcoming video platform for graphics rendering – – based on cloud computing and GPU virtualization – at the GPU Technology Conference that was held on May 14-17 in San Jose, CA. This platform is called the Nvidia VGX and offers the potential for mobile devices like the iPad and …

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Ghost in the machine

Is ghost-writing justified? Should the personality concerned simply admit that they no longer have the time (or inclination) to write their own work? Is it purely vanity that makes them want to say “Ive written 50 books” rather than “I’ve written 40 books”? Of course it is … but it’s also the royalties it will …

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Swimming is fun

Swimming is fun, and getting into the water can be refreshing. What more if one exercises while doing it  wading in the water. That would not seem like working out at all and simply just having a great time, right? Thats how it can be with water aerobics. This form of aerobic exercise is becoming …

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Final Fantasy Vii

Final Fantasy VII – Game Review

Square – just the mere mention of the word brings to mind an incredible legacy known for producing some of the greatest RPGs, and games, of all time. The critically acclaimed Final Fantasy series is easily the most recognizable name in the RPG world and is the flagship of Square’s unrivaled RPG supremacy. Their countless …

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