Is there a thing called Free Electricity?

Can there be such a thing as free electricity? Most people in the modern world will, of course, say that free electricity is an impossibility; in fact, electricity is expensive, and it’s getting dearer and dearer every day, even in areas that have traditionally enjoyed lower prices.

So why are there so many articles on the internet and in print media that say people can have free electricity? Are they crazy? Is free electricity stolen? Is it dangerous? Are these outlandish claims real?

The truth is that people can indeed have access to free electricity and not only that: people can get paid. Not only is free electricity possible, but you can also actually wind up with a few dollars profit in your hot little hand. So, where is this wonderful, potentially money-making resource?

The answer is Solar!

The answer is installing your solar panels or green energy generation devices in your home or on your property. Because your energy will then come from the sun or wind and not the utility company, it’s free. The only cost you pay will be for the solar panels themselves if you install them as a DIY project.

Is there a thing called Free Electricity?

If you decide to get the panels or other devices installed by professionals, it will be costlier, but in the long run, you will still save significant amounts of money on your power bills.


Solar panels are still a little bit expensive, but there are plenty of websites out there that will show you how to make your own with items you can find easily at your local hardware store. There are also a lot of websites and kits available that show you how to assemble and install your own wind turbines.

What many people do is install some solar panels to power their water heaters; in fact, on many rooftops in China, you’ll see dozens and dozens of solar panels and photovoltaic cells because the residents want to take advantage of free electricity.

Sell the extra electricity!

At first, you may want to start small in your quest to generate free electricity; perhaps just a panel or two on the roof will be sufficient to power an extra appliance so that your utility bill doesn’t go up. However, it must be mentioned here that if you generate extra electricity with your solar panels and wind turbines, you might actually get paid for it.

That’s right – your utility company will pay you for “feeding in” to the electrical grid. So, if you’re interested in making money with your free electricity, make sure you speak to a representative at your electricity provider if they have such a thing as a “feed-in tariff”, and make sure that you’ve got a two-way smart meter.

If you’ve got the old-fashioned type of electricity meter, you won’t be able to sell your free electricity back to the grid. You will soon find that your power bills will drop to such an extent that you’ll have hundreds if not thousands of dollars saved up in just a year or two!