Four Facts About Shisha

Smoking is a behaviour that is widely seen among many individuals in almost every location. Whether your at a work place, college or even family parks, you would be able to spot people smoking in corners or in the open. The common cigarettes or cigars continue to be an addition to many. However, in Middle Eastern countries there’s an alternative for smokers known as shisha. Locals and foreigners enjoy this immensely, as it has a unique experience. If you happen to travel to any of the Arab countries you would surely be able to spot restaurants and other places with these.


Furthermore, manufacturers have designed e-shisha pens or sticks. They are also called as hookah, which can be found online as well. This alternative is similar to the e-cigars that people are using. Many have resorted to this device, as it doesn’t produce smoke like a regular shisha. If you want to know more about it, here are some facts:

How does it operate?

Before you buy shisha sticks you should know that these gadgets work on batteries. These portable pens are the first in the world that allow people to experience smoking shisha. The consumer would inhale the vapor, which is a result of the device heating the liquid inside. On the other hand, it’s available in different models. For example if you just want to try it out once you should buy the disposable type.

What will you find inside it?

The liquid that is inside it is called the e-liquid. They are available in different flavours ranging from customized blends to fruity, menthol types. Some of these include the substance such as propylene glycol or glycine.

Where can I buy these?

Due to the popularity of it, many outlets are selling these products. If you want to try it out, then you could buy shisha sticks from many online stores. For example sites such as eBay, Amazon and many more, check this quality electronic cigarettes. Some of these come in packs with various flavours or a single shisha pen or stick.

Are they a safer alternative to cigarettes?

This is a very common question that comes to the minds of many individuals. There is no definite answer to it. However, these sticks don’t contain toxins or chemicals that could adversely harm your health. However, it’s a definite improvement, as it doesn’t affect the public, since there’s no smoke or smell.

Studies are continually being conducted to understand and identify the long-term results of using these portable smoking sticks. These are some of the facts that people search for when they are planning to buy these pens or sticks. If you are wondering whether you should try it out or start using it as an alternative, skim through many websites for more information.