Four Benefits of Natural Acne Treatments

I think we can all agree that acne is one of the most common reasons for teenage angst, if not depression. People who were born blessed with practically no pores – people who appear to be genetically engineered not to grow a single pimple in their bodies – may laugh at us wondering what the big deal is. You and I, however, both know what people with acne have to go through every day.

There is bullying

Anyone who has ever stepped foot in an American public school knows that many school systems are run by a social hierarchy, and acne-plagued teenagers are usually at the bottom of the social food chain. Then there is also a social stigma. Come high school graduation, kids with acne feel renewed, born again, or so they thought! Some employers are biased against people with acne, one look at you, and your resume is down the shredder.

These are just a few of the reasons why I am steadfast in looking for the best acne treatments. However, as you may have noticed, I don’t just go for the “popular” anti-acne creams or facial wash because I have opted to go all-natural; and I do not regret the day I decided to throw out my last tube of acne treatment face lotion.

The Benefits of Natural Acne Treatments

Little to No Side Effects

The most compelling thing that has forced me to go with natural remedies is that they usually have little to no side effects. Most acne treatment products sold in stores or online have powerful chemical ingredients; thus, more often than not, our skin reacts to the product rather negatively.

Redness, skin discomfort, swelling, chapping of the skin, and loss of moisture are only some of the common unwanted side effects that come with most synthetic acne treatments. Because natural remedies that come from plants and foods are super mild, they do not trigger any of those reactions.

They’re Cheap

Let’s admit it, money does not come easy these days, and there are plenty of other things we need to spend on, like food and our other daily needs. The cost of a typical acne treatment product averages around $70 per month. That is a far cry to a bottle of apple cider, which only around$5 per bottle, and you can use the extra juice to help ease your cough or sore throat. This then brings me to the next reason why I love natural acne treatments.

They Can Be Used for Other Equally Important Things

Natural acne treatments usually include typical household or kitchen items like baking soda, honey, apple cider, and lemon. Those items can be used for other things like baking (with baking soda, of course), a yummy breakfast courtesy of your honey, relief from a cough, or sore throat offered by just a spoonful of apple cider, and better-tasting tequila shots because of your extra lemon.

Four Benefits of Natural Acne Treatments
Apple Cider

Therefore, the benefits of natural acne treatments include not only being affordable, but they are also extremely flexible in terms of usage. Moreover, if you have been eating healthier foods as suggested to reduce your acne breakouts, your overall health will also improve. It’s almost summer, and you don’t want people to look away when you get out in your tiny polka dot bikini.

Readily Available

Natural acne treatments are almost always available within your kitchen or your backyard. Try to recall the first time you read any of my natural acne solutions. I’m positive you went straight from your computer table to your kitchen and found all the ingredients necessary to whip up an acne remedy I suggested.

I promised myself when I started writing about acne and its possible treatments, that I would be sincere. Therefore I have to say that as big a fan as I am with all the natural acne treatments I have discussed in my articles, I have noticed one significant bump in this treatment course.

Because natural acne treatments are not strong, it takes a long time (and a whole lot of patience) before you get your desired skin. But please do not stop if you do not see immediate results! The most beautiful things take time to produce, much like a butterfly in its cocoon. Here is a great place to find some of the most popular natural acne treatments.

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